Market research

Know your target marketplace and tools required for deployment

Scope of Project

Depending on how big the project is, you must decide whether you are going to hire freelancers or employees.

Office Space

Whether you are going to have an offline or online office. Setting up an office space is very importance as it creates the right environment for team discussion and development.

Most people like to work on flexible schedule, but fixing up a time for discussion between team members and announcements can help people to plan their work schedule in advance.

Working Schedule

Assets & Liabilities

You must differentiate between your asset and liabilities. Keep them in check and plan your operational cost.

It is better if you decide how much you are going to spend for the tools, resources and list all your expenses. Always keep some extra reserve for unseen cost implication at later stage.


Know statutory Laws

Every country has different rule for startups. Some countries give lot of benefits for startups. Some governments even give funding.

Plan Ahead

Its very important to give you a measurement scale for your performance. This also helps you manage your milestones.

Type Of Work

There are two types of work a game development company does. One is making your own games and the other one is contract jobs.


Funding is a very important phase in all companies. It determines whether a startup will survive the initial phase or not. So having a plan for your funding is a must.

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