The advanced motion-capture technology used in FIFA 23 will allow for even more realistic animations and movements from players


Weather conditions will now change dynamically during matches, affecting gameplay in real-time. Rain, snow, and other weather patterns.


The fans in FIFA 23 will act and react more like real-life supporters. They will cheer, chant, and even boo based on the events taking place.


The game's AI opponents will be smarter and more challenging than ever before, adapting to your tactics and adjusting their playstyle on the fly.


The Manager Mode in FIFA 23 will offer more depth and options for players to customize their team.


Players can now create their own custom football club from scratch, taking control of every aspect of the team's management


FIFA 23 will introduce a range of new tactical options, including the ability to set up multiple formations and strategies


Players will have even more control over set pieces, including free kicks, penalties, and corners.


FIFA 23 will introduce real-time in-game stats and analysis, allowing players to track their performance and make adjustments on the fly


Play as women’s club teams for the first time in EA SPORTS FIFA history as the Barclays Women’s Super League, Division 1 Arkema, National Women's Soccer League, and UEFA Women's Champions League come to FIFA 23.