Looking to make an FPS game? These Unity assets will speed up your development process with prebuilt assets and codes.



Ultimate FPS

The UFPS asset is a must-have for anyone making an FPS game. It takes some of the most complex parts of FPS games and makes them easy.

Features include Kinematic Character Controller, First Person Camera Controller, Split Screen Support, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Dynamic Effects,Damage System and more.

Has option to switch between first person and third person in game. Also includes multiple special attacks and abilities for the character. 


Universal Shooter Kit

Using it, you can easily create First-person, Third-person, and Top-down games for all major platforms.

Universal Shooter Kit is so easy to get right out of the box! And that’s typically not the case with the other assets. Also this is a very budget friendly asset.

Universal Shooter Kit includes support for multiplayer lobby system, character controller, AI enemies and camera support for different types of shooter games.



PRO Effects FPS

FPS Muzzle flashes & Impacts will upgrade your First Person Shooter to a new level.

This pack not only contains gunshot effects but also includes varying smoke and flash effects for different weapon types, explosions and many different impacts effects.

Game-Ready effects for player weapons. 56 HQ Bullet Hole Decals. 15 Impact effects for each of 15 surface types. 4K High quality sprite sheets.