A vertical slice is a demonstration of what the final game will look and feel like. It showcases the key gameplay mechanics, visuals, and features in a playable format.

The purpose of creating a vertical slice is to test the feasibility of the game's concept and to identify any potential issues before moving on to full production.

A vertical slice is typically created early in the development process and can be used as a proof of concept to secure funding or publisher support.

The vertical slice should include all the major elements of the game, including graphics, gameplay mechanics, sound design, and user interface.

The vertical slice should be polished and represent the final quality level of the game, even if it is just a small portion.

Creating a vertical slice is time-consuming and requires significant resources, but it can save time and resources in the long run by identifying potential issues early in the development process.

The vertical slice can also be used to gather feedback from potential players, which can help shape the game's direction and design.

A vertical slice is also useful for marketing purposes, as it can be used to generate hype and interest in the game.

The development of a vertical slice is typically done in-house, but external studios or freelancers may be hired to assist in its creation.

The vertical slice should be created with scalability in mind, meaning that it should be easy to expand upon and build upon for the full game.

Creating a vertical slice is an iterative process that requires frequent testing and iteration to ensure that it meets the developer's vision and goals for the final game.