Virtual reality is becoming easily accessible by the day and its development is not as hard as it was earlier.

VR is all about user experience. The user should feel comfortable playing the VR game in order to increase engagement.

VR developers must consider these VR design principles to make the experience unforgettable for their users


Controls and UI

Most VR experiences fail to impress because they are very difficult to navigate. Making it easy to navigate in the VR world will improve the experience by a million times


Good Tutorials

VR is still new to many. So having a good tutorial scene to teach the players how to use VR, is a must.


Motion sickness

The person playing the game doesn’t move when the character moves inside the game. This gives might make the player dizzy. 


Design for the Target device

Every VR device has different hardware. It is better if the target device is decided in advance and the experience is built based on that.


Surround sound

VR experience must be complemented with equally good surround sound experience. If the sound isn’t good, then the user will feel like being in a noisy room.

Building a VR experience with these design principles in mind, will help you create an engaging game which your player will love to play.