LOD refers to the practice of reducing an object's complexity as it moves further away from the camera.

It's used to improve game performance and reduce hardware requirements.

This technique optimizes rendering by swapping detailed models with simpler versions.

By reducing the number of polygons, LOD significantly improves frame rates and game performance.

LOD reduces RAM usage by minimizing the amount of data stored for objects far away from camera.

LOD can be applied to all game assets, including characters, terrain, and objects. But it should be a 3D model.

As the camera moves, LOD transitions are triggered, replacing high-polygon models with low-polygon ones.

To avoid sudden changes, LOD transitions can be smoothed out by gradually fading between models.

Some game engines, such as Unity, have automatic LOD model swapping tools that simplify the process.

Proper use of LOD can improve game performance while maintaining a visually appealing experience, benefiting both developers and players.