Play testers can be casual gamers who like to play new games or professional critics who sell their service 

If you need a good report with all the pros and cons of your game then you need to hire professional playtester.

But sometimes, casual gamers give more deeper insights that professional testers. Let's see where to find free and professional testers



Friends and family are the first line of free play testers who will give you good feedback. So, start by distributing your game among your friends and family.

If you have a community around your game or the last game you made, then try pitching your game to them. Their feedback can improve your game by a lot.

They play anything that’s free.


These Sub reddits are good place to post your game

Include a backstory for best engagement


They love new and free games.


One important thing to note is you cannot give specific instruction to free testers. They play the game as they like and may or may not give feedback.

Professional play testers will give you compete details of what they will be testing and their report will be very useful to make your game bug-free.

The best place to get cost effective play testers is Fiverr. But remember to chat with the tester and convey your requirements before placing the order.

Here are some other websites where you can hire playtester 1.Playtestcloud 2. Antidote 3. Testbytes