Perfect for beginners

The asset is designed to help beginners get started quickly and easily, without any prior experience in game development.

Highly  customizable

With an immense amount of customizable features, the asset provides you with the ability to create your dream FPS game.

Easy and intuitive to use

The asset is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, with an interface that is easy to navigate and understand.

Advanced player movement

The asset includes advanced player movement features such as moving, running, jumping, crouching, sliding, and a stamina system.

Potent modular weapon creation system

The asset includes a potent modular weapon creation system that allows you to create any kind of weapon with an impressive level of customization.

Powerful weapon system

The asset includes a powerful weapon system that includes shooting, reloading, aiming, bullet penetration, recoil, inventory, damage enemies, shield and health system.

UI kit

The asset comes with a UI kit that includes a procedural crosshair, killfeed, hitmarkers, damage pop-ups, framerate display, health and shield bars, stamina display, low ammo and reload displays, compass system, pause menu, and more.


The asset includes a wide variety of interactables such as destructibles, explosives, healthpacks, power-ups, doors, point capture, accessible checkpoints, and damage triggers.

Regular updates and support

The asset is regularly updated and includes support from the developer, ensuring that any issues or bugs are quickly addressed.