To use Stable Diffusion for free, you need to install Stable Diffusion on your PC. The minimum system requirement is Windows 10 with at least 4GB of dedicated graphic VRAM

Stable Diffusion requires Python 3.10.6 to run. So, let’s install Python first. Make sure to remove any older version of Python you have installed.

Make sure you select “Add Python 3.10 to PATH“. Otherwise stable diffusion will not identify the installation.

Install Git for windows 1. Download Git for Windows. 2. Run the installer. 3. Follow instructions to install GIT.

Clone AUTOMATIC1111 repository from GitHub. This contains the UI required to run the stable diffusion model.

Download the Stable Diffusion model v1.5. Version 2 models are still not stable and version 1 models output better images.

Navigate to stable-diffusion-webui folder and run the webui-user.bat file. It will take some time and your installation should complete.

Open the IP address mentioned in the installation message to use stable diffusion.