Making a space game? These Unity assets will let you create the environment, combat system and background for your space game with ease.

Space Graphics Toolkit


Huge collection of effects that can be customized and combined in every way.

If you want to create a custom space with planets and suns of your choice then space graphics toolkit is the ultimate tool for this purpose. You can even customize the environment of a planet.

SciFi Space Station Heavy


Heavy Space Station where you will find tons of highly customizable prefabs to build your own

You can actually build an entire game inside the spaceship itself. The lighting is taken care of in a beautiful manner. It includes a lot of customizable prefabs to build your own spaceship too.

POLYGON Sci-Fi Space


A low poly asset pack of Space ships, characters, props, weapons, FX, and environment assets.

It has a total of 660 assets all related to space. Not just that you get 24 variant textures for each asset. You can actually make a space army with this.

Space Combat Kit


Space combat kit is a mini space game maker inside Unity. It can help you build any kind of space game.

It can be a little difficult to get the hang of this asset, but if you spend some time to learn how to use it then, it’s going to save lots of your development time.