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Every game requires a different art style to stand out. All assets in a game should follow a similar art style. If you are making a space game and your character looks like a cowboy, then it’s going to be difficult to convince your players to even download the game. We have listed the top space assets in Unity asset store that you can use to make a complete space game. These tools will let you create the environment, combat system and background for your space game.

Space asset unity

1.Space Graphics Toolkit

If you want to create a custom space with planets and suns of your choice then space graphics toolkit is the ultimate tool for this purpose. You can even customize the environment of a planet. You can make a watery world or a desert or a planet with molten lava. Space graphics toolkit’s limitation is your creativity. You can even make a black hole with this asset.

One feature of this asset that i liked is you can go inside any planet and the procedural terrain generation takes over to show you beautiful terrains and you can move around it with any iRgidbody.

User review

Must start with the amazing support the developer provides. I had an issue with a few things among floating origin, and the developer answered quickly and even dropped a script to attend to my problem. As for the asset itself, has so many great graphic packs for almost everything you need for a space game, and many useful scripts for floating origin. Worth it, and totally recommend it.

2. SciFi Space Station Heavy

Creating the interiors of a spaceship is very difficult, mainly because of the lighting requirement. What if you have a spaceship ready to deploy your players and start your game almost immediately? Scifi space station heavy is an asset of that kind. You can actually build an entire game inside the spaceship itself. The lighting is taken care of in a beautiful manner.

This asset is all high quality. It might not be suitable for mobile or VR games. But if you are making a space game for PC this can really be a great spaceship for your game. It includes a lot of customizable prefabs to build your own spaceship too.

User review

in the process of making a space/scifi game and this is exactly what i needed and everything is so high quality! will be buying more! It’s one the best space assets in Unity.

3. POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space Pack

Low poly is the new trend in the gaming industry. So why not build a low poly space game? This asset has environments, characters, weapons and all you need to make a low poly space game. It has a total of 660 assets all related to space. Not just that you get 24 variant textures for each asset. You can actually make a space army with this.

This asset does lack a bit on the customization part but actually balances that with the quantity of assets available. If you are looking for a ready to go low poly asset for your game with little tweaks then this asset is for you.

User review

I don’t know about spending $120 on an asset. I got this asset on sale for a great price. This package may be worth every penny of $120. All of the content is well polished and as far as I can tell it’s all production ready. The textures completely pop with post-processing Bloom and Sun Flares.

4. Space Combat Kit: best space assets in Unity

Space combat kit is a mini space game maker inside Unity. You can set up spaceships, weapons, radars and a lot more with just a few clicks. The thing I like best about this asset is the modular framework. You can add only the part you need and it doesn’t affect the other setting of your game. It can be a little difficult to get the hang of this asset, but if you spend some time to learn how to use it then, it’s going to save a lot of your development time.

The developer of this asset is very responsive and replies immediately to any query you have. This asset also has a discord community to help you solve issues and share your ideas. Look no further, if you’re making a space combat kit. Just go for it and you won’t regret your decision.

User review

I’ve been working with this asset for a few weeks now. It not only came with a comprehensive set of components to build my own space battle, but a useful radar I was able to relatively easily customize (saving the need to buy a separate 3d radar system). I am also impressed with the rapid/ helpful after-sales support from the developer!

There are many other space assets in Unity asset store, but these top assets should be enough to make your space game. If you are looking for top assets in other categories then check out top unity assets page.

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