Who has to Pay Runtime Fee?

1. Unity Free or Plus users with revenue more than 200k/yr and 200k installs. 2. Unity Pro users with revenue more than 1M/yr and 1M installs.

How much runtime fee Do I need to pay?

Unity has released a table to calculate the amount of runtime fee based on the number of installs. The cost varies based on Unity plan, location of install and number of install.

Here is an example

Unity Free user with  Total lifetime install: 300000. Revenue has crossed the 200k threshold. Monthly install of 6000 from tier 1 country has to pay $1200

How do I calculate the fee for my game?

You can either use the table from Unity to manually calculate the fee or use the calculator linked below to get the exact value.

What happened to Unity Plus?

Unity has eliminated the Unity Plus plan. If you are a Unity Free user, you won't have to pay anything to Unity until your revenue exceeds $200,000 USD.

I need a custom splash screen

You will have to switch to Unity Pro subscription to remove Unity logo from the splash screen. If you are ok with the Unity logo, here is how to customize splash screen in free version.

Plan effectively

Use the Unity Runtime Fee Calculator, to stay informed and plan your development efforts more effectively.