Unity plus vs Unity pro: price and features

Unity is used by different kinds of people around the world. Unity is a hobby tool, a professional tool and an complete solution for business. You just have to select the right plan based on your need. In this post we will compare the features and price of unity plus vs unity pro in detail.Also check out the best unity assets listed for you by our experts.

Thought unity plus and pro is not a requirement to make games, buying a plus or pro subscription gives a lot of advantage over the personal plan in a lot of ways. Unity has announced a price raise for both plus and pro subscription from January 1st 2020. So if you are planning to buy unity pro or plus then this might be a right time.

Before the comparion you must know some details listed below , so you will be able to decide if you need unity plus or pro subscription.

1. Unity Core Analytics

Unity analytics is free and most of the data you require can obtained in unity personal version itself. The plus version gives you live data compared to the free version where there is a delay before you can see the data. Pro gives you ability to export data to an external analysis tool and asses to the heat map asset available in the asset store.

2. Advanced cloud diagnostic

This is really helpful in improving the user experience. You can get insight about bugs in your game before the user reports it. It makes it easy for you and your testers to collect and share crash and exception reports and user-generated feedback, during development and after launch, and keep users satisfied.

Unity pro and plus comparison info graphics

Unity Plus vs Pro

PRICENow:$35/mo,After Jan 1 2020: $40/moNow:$125/mo,After Jan 1 2020: $150/mo
FeaturesUnity personal + Advanced cloud diagnostic, Core analytics, access to unity learn premium, Editor UI skin. 25GB storage in unity teams, Splash screen customization.Unity plus + analytics data export, Unity success adviser, priority queue, Art asset pack, 3 seats in unity teams
For whom?Revenue or funding is less than @200K in the last 12 months. Revenue or funding is greater than @200K in the last 12 months.
How much is it worth?Unity learn worth $15/mo or $99/year. Unity teams worth $9/mo. You also get discounts on some assets in the asset store Unity learn worth $15/mo or $99/year and art asset worth $130. Unity team worth $9/mo and unlimited earning potential. You also get discounts on some assets in the asset store
Should you buy it?If you are serious about game development or have a small business then plus is right for you.If you are a professional developer with unlimited earnings then pro is the key to scale up your business.
Where to buy?Unity store for PlusUnity Store for Pro


Unity game engine is definitely one of the best out there. But Unity plus or pro requirement comes in when you are making money with your games. If you are considering to scale up your game development and expect profitable returns then unity plus or pro can help you grow big.

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