How to make Your own Game

Are you interested in making games? but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place

“How to make your own game?” is a big question for most beginners. Game development has become much easier with the advancement of technology. In the early days developing a simple game would require thousands of lines of coding. But now games can be developed using drag and drop applications. Check out the info-graphics below on how a game is made. Even though the process of game development has become simple, the amount of work put into developing a game is still very considerable.

Game making process
  1. The plan: In this phase the developers come up with an idea for the game. They make concept art and Game design document and validate their idea with other people.
  2. The team: A team is gathered and everyone is briefed about the game and given deadlines. The team usually comprises of artists, programmers, animators, sound designers, and a coordinator (mostly known as game designers).
  3. The Prototype: Once the idea and team are finalized, the first step is to make a small prototype that has the core mechanics. The prototype is tested and feedback is taken.
  4. The Game: Based on the prototype the changes are done to make the game more fun and aesthetic. Once the final version is made and playtested, the Game is published on platforms like Steam, Play store, App store.

FAQs asked by game dev beginners

  1. What platform should I publish my game on?

    First of all, you must decide which platform you want to publish your game on. Whether it is going to be a PC game, a Mobile game, or a Console game. My advice is don't start with console gaming. Without any prior experience, the learning curve is too steep. The best option is to start with a small pc game like the mini clip games.

  2. What type of game should I make?

    Selecting the game genre is very important when you have zero experience. The game genre will decide your game marketing strategy and target audience. Once you know that then you can customize your game for your player. Since it's going to be your first game, it should be a very simple one. Go for something like rolling a ball avoiding obstacles. Making a small game will teach you what you lack and what you need to learn. Also, a simple game will take less time to make and you won't lose motivation making your first game.
    If you decide to make Counterstrike as your first game then you most probably will give up after a month. You should know a game like Counterstrike is made by big group of people working together for years.
    I will suggest going for a Hyper Casual game as your first game.

  3. Do I Need Team Member To Make Games?

    Now that you have decided on what type of game you want to make and on which platform, the next thing is to know if you need team members. Before you decide you must know that a game development team generally consists of programmers, artists, animators, music composers, and game designers. But a small game can be made by one person with open-source resources. Unless you are going to develop a complex game, I would suggest go-ahead solo on your first game. You can hire freelance artists or programmers if required.

  4. What game making tools to use?

    In the present scenario of game development, there are infinite number of tools available. You must decide on which tools you are going to use for your game. The best and free tools to use are Unity for game development and blender for 3D modeling. Don't get lost in the sea of development tools. Just select one and start making games. You can check out our list of must have tools for game developers.

  5. How Much Budget is required?

    ZERO!! You can develop a good game without spending even a penny. But the process can be made easy if you are willing to spend some money. For your first game you should try out all the free resources and make a list of things that you may need to buy. You should consider doing some research before buying assets for your game.
    Also, you must decide on how you are going to monetize your game. You don't want to be broke after releasing your game.

  6. Do I need a Marketing Strategy?

    Yes, Marketing is as vital as developing a game. Game marketing is more difficult than game development. There are millions of good games that don't have any players. Yes, a marketing strategy should be planned before you start making your game. You can use our step by step guide for marketing your game.

What you want to achieve by making games?

This is the most important question of all. Why are you into game development? Your approach to game development will be different depending on your answer.

In my first game, I learnt the process of game development and game publishing. In my second game, I learnt a lot about game marketing. You should fix up some learning from each of your games published. Don’t expect your first game to be a worldwide hit. Though it is possible.

You can make any process successful by repeating it again and again with corrections from the previous iteration.

Now that you have the clarity of what you want to learn and what is your goal, you can now get started with mastering one tool. Let’s get into developing a game with the steps below.

Let’s see how to make your own game

1.Getting the idea

Before starting the development process, you need to come up with an idea for the game. The idea is only 10% in game development but if the idea is not worthy then the rest 90% is of no use. Put your time in coming up with a genuine idea for the game. Remember that it should be realistic and playable.

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2. learning unity

Game engines can reduce development time to a great extent, but you need to master them before jumping to a conclusion. Unity is much easier to learn compared to unreal, that’s why we have decided to direct you towards leaning unity. You can also check out the comparison of unity and unreal for detailed understanding.

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3. Making your first sample game

Now that you have learned the basics of Unity, you can now start by making a simple roll a ball game in Unity. You can follow the tutorial below step by step and experience how easy it is to make a simple game. By making this sample game you will gain the confidence and experience to make your own game. This step is very important as many game developers take up a big game as their first game and quit with frustration.

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4. Mastering Unity by making more sample game.

The next step is to learn unity to a level that you are able to code and make at least a basic game without the need to google every step. If you lack the experience then developing a game will not be as fun as it should be. Gaining the right experience will set you on the right track. Before you dive in into developing the game of your dreams you must make as many small games as possible.

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Now you are ready to make you own game. All the best. If you are looking for a faster way then check out our 10-day game development challenge.

Once you are done making your game, share your story with Vionixstudio. You can contact us at [email protected]

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