Learn Unity game engine

Learn Unity and start making your own games in matter of days. Unity is one of the industry leaders in Game engines and is definitely the one that is widely used by game developers. Since its launch in 2005 Unity has evolved into a very powerful yet user friendly game engine.

How to learn Unity

Learning Unity game engine can be confusing sometimes. There are so many features that a new developer doesn’t need to know. But how to know which topic to focus as a beginner.

Any new game developer starts off with an idea for a game. But to make that idea into reality it takes skill and knowledge. Like all skills, Unity also takes time and dedication to learn. But if you can put together a learning plan then it shouldn’t be difficult. Breaking down a large task into smaller ones is the best way to master any skill.

We have made the path for you at VionixStudio. All you need to do it complete the Unity tutorials listed below and you will be ready to make your first game with Unity.

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Who is this Unity tutorial for?

These tutorials are designed for people who want to start their game development journey with Unity game engine. Using the tutorials from VionixStudio you can learn Unity for Free in a step-by-step Manner. If you like to learn in video format the same is available as a YouTube Playlist.


At the end you will be ready to make your own game.