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I am Vionix(vinod) the author and founder of Vionixstudio. I started Vionixstudio as a game development company and slowly built this website to record the development process. I published 3 games on google play store with moderate success and learnt a lot during the process. I felt that many things in the game development world are not known to the beginners. Many enter game development for the purpose of making money. Well making money is really the end goal for many business but you need to know the business secrets to be successful. That’s the purpose of this website.

Vionixstudio is not a tutorial based website. Vionixstudio teaches you about game development as a business. Good luck on your journey and you can contact me anytime with the email address in the footer.

As author i want all visitors to read the three post below before starting their game development career.

Important posts