• Top freelance game menu designers to hire
    Menu in games can be a small part, but if you have a bad menu then you might start loosing players. Why risk all your hard work on a small menu? Hire the best menu designers with proven track record and make it to compliment your game play. What to look for when hiring a menu designer? Working style– Most freelance game developers have a signature style. You should find a designer how will suit your game style. Portfolio– Ask for previous work and portfolio and validate them based on their work. What is included and what is not. Some … Read more
  • Best Freelance Unity developers to Hire
    Hiring can be a lot of work if you are not sure where to look. Most of the time you end up hiring a freelance who is not up to the mark. Then you go on the trial and error process to find the right fit for your job. Hiring a freelance Unity developer is no different. To make things easy for you here are the list of Unity developers we have worked in the past to help us in our game development journey. Take a look at our guide to hire a freelance game developer before hiring. We have … Read more
  • How to quit a game in Unity
    Every game needs to pause and quit. Unity has a simple one liner to make the game quit in any device. But, you have to save your game before doing so. Efficient quitting will help player resume their game and keep the engagement rate higher. In this tutorial we will learn how to quit your game in different devices and the different methods available in Unity. Best practices to Quit the game Game should never quit directly from a game play session. If this option is available then there might be accidental quit during gameplay and will cause a bad … Read more
  • Randomize animation in Unity
    You have multiple animation for a single state and want to play the animations randomly? Want to start an animation from a random frame? Want random animation speed? You are in the right place. In this Tutorial we are going to see how to randomize all aspects of animation. I am Using Unity 2021.1.13 along with HQ Fighting Animation FREE asset from Unity asset store for this tutorial. Let’s get started. Playing random animation Start a new project and import the asset into Unity. There is an demo scene included with the asset. Open the demo scene and remove the … Read more
  • Make an Object float on water in Unity
    Unity has never been good with water physics. The same is true for buoyancy. Making an object float on water in Unity is not as simple as attaching a rigidbody. But if you are creative enough you can write your own buoyancy script and make the object float. In this tutorial, we will see how you can make an object look like its floating using animation and use a script to add buoyancy force. The first one is an easy way out though. Unity water is just a surface with water shader and some wave script. If you place a … Read more
  • How to Hire a Freelance game developer for your game.
    Game development technology has been evolving at a increased pace. The result being games with better graphics and stunning gameplays. Not everyone has the skill or creativity to make visually appealing games that are good to play. Ideas are everywhere but, a properly implemented one can make your product successful. Its best to hire a professional to make your idea a reality. In this post, we will see how to hire developers for your game. Why Fiverr? The main difference between other Freelance website and Fiverr is, you can shop on Fiverr like any other shopping app rather than post … Read more
  • Using PlayerPrefs in Unity
    Saving and loading data are a continuous process in any program. But when you have to terminate the program and reload it, then you need to save the data to disk or web to retrieve it later. In game development you need to save data like how many levels were completed, player current level, pause and resume data. These data will be used when the player starts his next session. So solve this issue Unity has a PlayerPrefs class. In this tutorial, we will see how to save and retrieve data using PlayerPrefs. What is PlayerPrefs? PlayerPrefs is a class … Read more
  • Make a Gameobject invisible in Unity
    Gameobjects are the core elements of any Unity game. You can add or remove component from gameobjects to change its behavior. You can make it move in any way you like by adding a script or you can make it invisible by changing the renderer properties. In this tutorial, we will see how to make a Gameobject invisible using Unity editor or using code. How a Gameobject is rendered in Unity Any Gameobject is visible in the game only if some type of renderer is added to it. Unity uses this renderer class to calculate the 3 dimensional data to … Read more
  • How to make enemy AI in Unity
    AI in any context can be fascinating. When it comes to game development AI can be more interesting and challenging. There are many scenarios where you can use AI in game development. Making the enemy follow player is the most used AI functionality in games. In this tutorial, we will see how to bake a navmesh and how to use the navmesh to move the enemy to the player’s location. What is a navmesh Navmesh is a class in Unity that stores data regarding paths, objects and meshes that are part of navigation in your game. The data available in … Read more
  • How to make cutscenes in Unity
    Cutscenes tell a player what to expect in the next stage of the game or help them understand the storyline. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate the scene without a cutscene. Its better to have a cutscene rather than writing some text on the screen. Cutscenes are cool but creating them was never easy. After the release of Unity cinemachine, creating cutscene is a piece of cake. In this tutorial, we will see how to add Unity cinemachine to your project and to use them to create cutscenes. Is it possible to create a cutscene without Cinemachine? YES! You can … Read more
  • How to disable ambient lighting in Unity
    When you disable the lights in your Unity scene, the scene doesn’t go dark. Instead, what you see is that, your gameobjects are still getting lit from the ambient light. So, how do you make your scene dark ? In this tutorial, we will see how to make your scene completely dark by switching off the ambient lights. Before we start, lets compare the different lighting scenarios. Scene with Directional Light Scene without Directional Lighting Scene with skybox disabled You can disable the skybox by selecting the Main Camera in the hierarchy. You can see that the gameobjects are lit … Read more
  • How to create a material in Unity
    All Gameobjects with a renderer in Unity use materials. The material property defines the look and feel of the gameobjects. A material consists of Textures and Shaders that help Unity to compute the Lighting parameters for the object. We will cover Shaders and Textures in a different tutorial. In this tutorial, we will see how to create a basic material and apply it to your game object. We will be using a physics material, a glass material and a glowing material for this purpose. I will be using Unity 2021.3 for this tutorial. Creating a new material Glass material( Transparent) … Read more
  • How to import asset from Unity asset store in 2021
    Unity has changed the way to import assets from the asset store in the recent Unity versions. Earlier you can open a window inside the Unity editor and import the asset directly to your project. But from Unity 2020 if you open the asset store window you will see the message as in the picture below. Now you need to use the package manager to import your assets. Lets go into this in a step by step manner. Step1: Add to My Asset list Go to Unity Asset store on your browser. Bookmark this link as you will need to … Read more
  • How to install Unity?
    Unity is one of the most used game engines by new developers. Like every other software Unity also requires proper setup and installation. Over the years Unity has made it simple to install and start your first game. Recently Unity has introduced Unity hub to allow multiple versions of Unity to be installed on a single computer. By default Unity installation includes Unity hub. Minimum system requirements As per Unity documentation it is enough to have a Computer with the supported OS. But, depending upon the game you are making the requirement to render the graphics may go up. Vionixstudio … Read more
  • Unity Vector3 tips and tricks
    A vector is something that has direction and magnitude. In Unity, vectors are divided based on dimensions. A three Dimensional vector is called as Vector3. A vector3 contains the magnitude and direction information for all 3 dimensions. In game development Vector 3 is mostly use to find the position of an object and distance between object. In this tutorial, we will see how to use Vector3 to it maximum potential. syntax for Vector3 A Vector3 in Unity is represented by the name Vector3 followed by the magnitude along each axis. By default a Vector3 takes float as input. If you … Read more