• Unity Coroutine isn’t complicated
    Many functions may seem complex at the beginning but turn out to be simple once you understand the concept. Unity coroutine is one such thing. A coroutine is a function that allows pausing its execution and resuming from the same point after a condition is met. You can start a coroutine and wait for its results before your code moves on to the next line. Or you could let the coroutine handle its business on the side while your code moves on to execute the rest of its functions. Unity coroutine gives you the power to decide how the execution … Read more
  • Unity Scene Manager Tutorial
    Scenes are part of every game. Changing scene based on the game’s story or based on the menu is a common functionality required in all game engines. In Unity, the Scene Manager does that job. The Unity Scene Manager, as its name suggests, manages your scenes at runtime. It is a well-equipped class of Unity engine that we can use to effortlessly switch between scenes. We will cover all of its major functionality in this article, and we will also run you through step-by-step guides on how to apply them. First, let’s start with the basics of the Unity Scene … Read more
  • Unity Random number Generation
    Random number generation is used in a lot of applications. In games, random numbers are mostly used for level design to achieve the procedural generation of levels. Every random number generator uses a different algorithm. Unity random number generation uses Marsaglia’s Xorshift 128¬†algorithm. Though the generated number or sequence in Unity is pseudo-random, it is mostly sufficient for the application in games. In this post, we will see the different random number algorithms, what a random seed is and how to generate random int and random float in Unity with code samples. There two major types of random number generation. … Read more
  • Unity Transform explained in simple terms
    When you add a Gameobject in the Unity scene the first thing that you notice in the inspector window is the transform component. Unity transform defines the position, rotation, and size of a Gameobject in the game world. transform might be the most basic component in Unity but it’s also the most important. You cannot define a Gameobject in Unity without transform. Even an empty Gameobject has the transform component. In this post, we will see what the Unity transform component does and how you can use it in your game. Unity Transform is a class like any other component … Read more
  • Unity 3d game development [how to get started]
    Game development has become a lucrative field in the past few years and many people are now taking up game development as a full-time career. If you start searching online for game development you will find that Unity and Unreal are the industry-standard game engines in this market. Unity being the easiest to learn between the two is the most preferred game engine by beginners. In this post, we will see how to get started with Unity 3d game development. To begin with, you must be very clear on how you want to proceed with your game development career. You … Read more
  • Unity Update function, Late update, and fixed update explained.
    The very first thing that anyone notices when starting with scripting in Unity is the Unity Start and the Unity Update function. They are added by default in all the new scripts and there is also an explanation of what these functions do. But, there is confusion among new developers in how the Start and the Update function is used. In this post, we will cover the basics of what the Unity Update function does and also go through the different variants of the Update function like Late Update and Fixed update functions. What is Update in Unity? The update … Read more
  • How to install Unity without Hub in 2 simple steps
    I woke up one day and tried to update my Unity version to the new one and to my surprise there was a new software called Unity hub in place of Unity installer. From the start of 2019 Unity doesn’t give the option to install Unity without Hub. So, I started to do some research and found out how to install Unity without Hub. In this post, I will walk you through the procedure and also tell you the benefits of having the Unity Hub software. What is Unity Hub and why do I need Unity hub? Unity hub is … Read more
  • Unity raycast how and when to use
    When I first started game development with Unity I used to stay away from some of the functions that I don’t understand. Unity Raycast is one such function. When I learnt about Raycast then I understood the importance and how Raycast can make a lot of things easier. So, in this post we will be going through some basics of Raycast and then also see some code samples that you can use in your game. Our objective is to make sure you understand the below line of code by the end of the post What is Raycast? Raycast as the … Read more
  • Most effective method to pause a game in Unity
    No matter what type of game you are making, pausing it will be needed at some point. Now you can pause the game with or without a pause menu depending on your game type. In Unity, there are a few options when it comes to pausing a game. In this post we will see all the possible options to pause a game in Unity and also cover the advantages and drawbacks of each techniques. So, lets get started. In Unity the most common way to pause a game is using the timescale function. The other option is to use a … Read more
  • Unity Awake vs Start: What is the Difference?
    Unity has a lot of predefined functions that you can use in your game scripting. Awake and Start are two of such functions. But, there is so much confusion on these functions that Unity Awake vs Start is one of the most searched terms online. In this post, we will see how these functions work and which one to be used where. In all my years of game development, I honestly didn’t need to think much about the Awake function. Most of my game scripts comprise of the Start function. Awake is used very rarely in scripts and can be … Read more
  • Making a simple timer in Unity(Unity timer simplified)
    Timers are used in a lot of places in game development. Timers are used differently in different games. Some games use it as a countdown timer, some use it to increase the game difficulty and some use it to spawn enemies or powerup in the game. Unity timer function makes all this very easy to accomplish. With a simple addition and subtraction, you can change the timer from a countdown to a counter. You can also display the timer in minutes and seconds or as a rounded figure. In Unity, the timer can be done with a simple line of … Read more
  • Game developer FAQ
    Game development can be little confusing in the beginning. But if you are lead down the right path then you can master the art in matter of months. We have tried to cover all the basic new game developer FAQ in this post.
  • Best Unity AR courses(TOP 3)
    Augmented Reality or otherwise known as AR, has serious potential to become a very widely used technology in the near future. The reach of AR is slowly entering the gaming industry too. Unity and Unreal, the leading game engines have adopted to this technology. Unity has AR foundation and Unreal has AR framework that support SDKs from Google and Apple. In this post we will see the best Unity AR course for ARkit, ARcore and Vuforia. If you totally new to game development, then start with our how to make you own game post. How do I start learning AR? … Read more
  • Best Unreal VR Training course
    Gaming on a normal screen and in VR is totally different. The experience in VR is more immersive than the normal gaming experience. The same is true for game development. In this post, we will see the best Unreal VR training course for beginners. Before starting to make a VR game, you need to follow some basic principles to be able to make the VR experience good for the player. You can read about them in the VR principles post on Vionixstudio. Unreal and Unity are the most widely used gaming engines for VR development. You can choose any one … Read more
  • Basic Unity Asset for every Unity user
    Unity assets are really boon for all game developers. But not all assets are worth the time and money. Some assets are a must have for all unity users. Especially, some editor extension in Unity really help speed up the development time. In this post, we will see the basic unity asset that will help all levels of users. Each asset is meant to help you in different aspects of game development . 1.Unity standard asset Unity standard asset is a must have for prototyping your game. You can fast forward your games prototypes with the standard assets. You have … Read more