Unity Transform explained in simple terms

When you add a Gameobject in the Unity scene the first thing that you notice in the inspector window is the transform component. Unity transform defines the position, rotation, and size of a Gameobject in the game world. transform might be the most basic component in Unity but it’s also the most important. You cannot … Read more

Unity raycast how and when to use

When I first started game development with Unity I used to stay away from some of the functions that I don’t understand. Unity Raycast is one such function. When I learnt about Raycast then I understood the importance and how Raycast can make a lot of things easier. So, in this post we will be … Read more

Unity Awake vs Start: What is the Difference?

Unity has a lot of predefined functions that you can use in your game scripting. Awake and Start are two of such functions. But, there is so much confusion on these functions that Unity Awake vs Start is one of the most searched terms online. In this post, we will see how these functions work … Read more

How to make a forest in unity

Forest can spooky, beautiful, dark, bright, widespread and so on. But in games they serve the purpose of conveying the right emotion to the player. A horror game’s forest will be different from a fantasy game’s forest. When it comes to designing one you can follow some simple steps to quickly make a forest for … Read more

Unity Camera Follow player(with code sample)

Camera in unity is the most important gameobject unless you are making a UI based game. If you don’t get the camera angle right the gameplay experience will suffer. Making a camera follow script in unity is simple yet many people get it wrong. In Unity camera follow script can be executed in two different … Read more

Unity rich text: Getting the most out of text formatting in unity

Text in unity is little under powered. But you can make some good looking UI with the basic settings and unity rich test formatting. Rich text formatting allows you to add HTML tags to unity text , but there are only a limited options that you can add. In this post we will cover how … Read more