AR face Tracking with Unity AR foundation

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement face tracking with Unity AR foundation. Face tracking is widely used in camera applications and photo filter apps. Face tracking is in built into AR foundation. So, you can activate it by just adding a component and a prefab. No coding required. You can watch the … Read more

Pinch to Zoom in Unity AR foundation

In our last tutorials we saw how to detect planes and place objects on them. In this tutorial, we will see how to scale the placed object using pinch zoom. If you have not read our previous tutorials then you can find them below Getting started with AR foundation with basic plane detection. Placing object … Read more

Unity Stopwatch Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a simple Unity stopwatch with Start, Stop and Reset button and how to set up the UI required for it. A stopwatch is not that different from a regular Unity timer. The only thing is you need is a start, stop, and a reset option for … Read more

How to split an Animation clip in Unity

Have you ever had the requirement to split an Animation clip in Unity? It’s mostly required when you have an Animated model. Most Animated models have a single animation clip that contains all the character animations like walk, attack, run etc. How do we split that? Unity has an option to split the animation based … Read more

Unity LayerMask simplified

Unity LayerMask is used to include or exclude a layer from an operation in Unity. It’s mostly used to ignore or include a layer in Physics Raycast. LayerMask in Unity uses BitMask to either include or exclude a layer. In this tutorial, we will try to understand how Unity uses BitMask to create LayerMask and … Read more