How to make a Game

Are you interested in making games?Want to make and publish your own game? Then this article will help you get started with your game development career.

Game development has become much easier with the advancement of technology. In early days developing a simple game would require thousands of lines of coding. But, now games can be developed using drag and drop applications.

Here is a list of things that you must decide to get your game development career started.

  1. On what platform you want your game to be published.
  2. What type of game you want to make?
  3. Do you want team members?
  4. What tool you are going to learn?
  5. What is your budget?
  6. What is your marketing strategy?
  7. What you want to achieve with your first game?

Platform for your Game?

First of all things you must decide which platform you want to publish you game on. Whether its going to be a PC game, Mobile game, Console game.

My advise is don’t start with mobile or console gaming without any prior experience as the learning curve is too steep.

What type of game?

Selecting the type of game is very important when you have zero experience. Game genre will decide your game marketing strategy too.

Since, its going to be your first game, it should be very simple one. Go for something like rolling a ball avoiding obstacles. Making a small game will teach you what you lack and what you need to learn. Also a simple game will take less time to make and you wont lose motivation making your first game.

If you decide to make counter strike as your first game then you most probably will give up after a month. You should know counter-strike is made by a big group of people working together for years.

I might suggest go for hyper-casual games as your first game.

Team members?

Now that you have decided on what type of game you want to make and on which platform, the next things is do you need team members.

Before you decide you must know that a game development team generally consist of programmers, artists, animators, music composers and game designers.

A small game can be made by one person with open source resources. Unless you are going to develop a complex game,i would suggest go ahead solo on your first game.

What tool?

In the present scenario of game development there are infinite number of tools available. You must decide on which tools you are going to use for your game. Example, unity for game development, blender for modeling etc.

You can also make a list of sites which give game assets for free. If you use Unity then Unity Assets Store has a tons of resources to get started. Check out our post on must have assets for beginners.

What is your budget?

You can develop a good game without spending even a penny. But the process can be made easy if you are willing to spend some money. For your first game you should try out all the free resources and make a list of things that you may need to buy. You should consider doing some research before buying assets for your game.

Marketing strategy

Game marketing is more difficult than game development. There are millions of good games that don’t have any players. Yes, marketing strategy should be planned before you start making your game.

If you have a thin budget then consider using a sales funnel to market your game than using a full fledged website.

Know how to use a sales funnel to increase downloads.

Get your game dev starter kit for free.

What you want to achieve?

This is the most important question of all. Why are you into game development? Your approach to game development will be different depending on your answer.

My first game was about learning the process of game development and game publishing. In my second game i learn a lot about game marketing. You should fix up some learning from each of your game published. Don’t expect your first game to be a world wide hit.

Only thing that makes any process successful is repeating it again and again with corrections from the previous iteration.

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