Unity Water Asset

Unity has a diverse physics system, but when it comes to water, unity lacks a bit. Making a water asset in unity can be confusing, unless you are well versed with shaders. Unity water assets from the asset store are really useful in this matter. Basic requirements of water in a game can be fulfilled … Continue reading Unity Water Asset

What is Unity teams and how to use it?

Have you ever wanted to work with people around the world but no able to connect and work seamlessly. Well you can now develop games that way and Unity teams is the answer. Unity teams lets you sync all your work with the team members you who have joined with you. Unity Teams promises to … Continue reading What is Unity teams and how to use it?

Mobile game marketing- step by step

Game development is fun but selling the game, not so much. Mobile game marketing is an art that every mobile app developer must master in order to be successful. Mobile and other platforms have a lot of things in common when it comes to marketing. In this post we will cover how to do marketing … Continue reading Mobile game marketing- step by step

Monetize your game-what is the best way?

All indie game developers have to make money from their game to survive. So, how does one monetize their game and yet not affect the player experience. If you are an indie developer then you would have heard this "if you are in for money, then game development is not for you". They are not … Continue reading Monetize your game-what is the best way?

Unity Playmaker – Is it worth the price?

With more and more artist and non programmers getting into game development the use of visual scripting tools like unity playmaker are increasing. Though its always argued that writing code is always better that visual scripting, there are advantages and disadvantages in both. What is Unity playmaker? Playmaker is one of the widely used unity … Continue reading Unity Playmaker – Is it worth the price?

How to become a Game Developer

Becoming a game developer is like a dream for many people. But you should know, its not for everyone. If you like math, technology and art while considering yourself to be a creative person who enjoyed playing video games as a child or enjoys it as an adult, maybe it's time to consider the possibility … Continue reading How to become a Game Developer

App store optimization! What, Why and How?

If you are into publishing apps in appstore or the google play store then you would have come across the term App Store Optimization. It might be little confusing in the beginning but once you get the idea, its the best source of traffic. People tell ASO is not working, the main reason many people … Continue reading App store optimization! What, Why and How?

Basics of Unity Scripting

Unity is a very powerful game engine. The full power can be utilized only when you can master unity scripting. The basic unity scripting is very easy to learn, and can be picked up by anyone. Though, Unity visual scripting tools can help you make make games without scripting, learning to script can give you … Continue reading Basics of Unity Scripting

Unity Collider explained

Unity Colliders are one of the most important parameters or components of any gameobject. Colliders are used in almost all the games. Without the basic understanding of how unity Colliders work, it will be very difficult to code the game mechanics. If you are totally new to Unity check out how to learn Unity. Unity … Continue reading Unity Collider explained