Unity Playmaker – Is it worth the price?

With more and more artist and non programmers getting into game development the use of visual scripting tools like unity playmaker are increasing. Though its always argued that writing code is always better that visual scripting, there are advantages and disadvantages in both.

What is Unity playmaker?

Playmaker is one of the widely used unity asset for visual scripting. Visual scripting is a way to code with elements known as visual nodes. Playmaker also have an active community that helps you master this tool almost instantly. There is a youtube channel ‘HutongGamesLLC’ with tutorials available.

My experience with playmaker

I am an average programer who can write the code required for my game. When i first came across playmaker and bought it on a sale. I thought “can’t i code this stuff faster? “. But, as i bought it, i though let me give it a try for one game. As i started using it more i started to like it.

Working on playmaker feels like making a flowchart. I started to love it once i got the hang of it. Playmaker is made with rapid prototyping in mind so, once you know what you are doing, you can get a prototype of your game in no time.

The other major reason i use playmaker is the way it keeps your code organised . If you are working alone on your game then you have to take care of art, sound, marketing and lot of other stuffs. Once to come back to your code you just feel lost for a while. With playmaker you can just take a look at the visualization and just get back on track. Learning playmaker is just worth the time.

Can’t i just learn to code?

Yes, this is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they see a visual scripting tool. The answer is its just a matter of interest. Some people love coding and some just can’t seem to remember the syntax. If you are someone who has no problem in writing long codes and can find the bug even when the code is more than 1000 lines, then you don’t need a visual scripting tool.

Who should get playmaker?

You should get unity playmaker if you fall under one of these categories

1. You don’t know how to code or have very little knowledge.

2. You can’t remember the syntax and have to google it every time before writing a line of code.

3. If you want to concentrate on other aspects of your game and like visualization.

4. If you can’t keep your code organized and mess up the code to a level that you have to go through it everytime to understand what’s happening.

What other users say

Some of the best reviews from unity asset store on playmaker.

1. I have zero experience coding and honestly, prefer to learn other game-related things! But after using playerMaker I find it easy to learn and I’m having fun seeing things come to life!!
This is great for Designers who really struggle with learning C# give it a try, making things look pretty is cool but being able to bring them to life feels just as rewarding!!

2. Developer went above and beyond to fix previous issue. This asset really is an essential tool for any developer.

3. Salute to the team who developed Playmaker. Another saving tool that allowed me to make my VR developed so easily. In fact, I do not have programming background but it was so easy to learn. Thank you so much for the superb product.

Some games made with unity playmaker






Now you know why playmaker is worth every penny.

Get playmaker now.


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