What is Unity teams and how to use it?

Have you ever wanted to work with people around the world but no able to connect and work seamlessly. Well you can now develop games that way and Unity teams is the answer. Unity teams lets you sync all your work with the team members you who have joined with you. Unity Teams promises to help you create with your entire team and stay in sync no matter where you are.

Features of Unity Teams

1. Cloud storage

Unity allows you to store your game resources in the cloud so that all the collaborators can access them.

2. Collaborate

This feature allows you to save, share and sync your projects in between team members.

3. Build sharing

You can upload, save, share your build with other team members across the globe.

Unity Teams basic vs Unity teams advanced

Unity teams has a free version and a paid version. Let’s see what are the difference.

Unity Teams PricingFreeFree with Unity PRO or $9/mo
Cloud storage1GB25GB
Team seats3 max3 but expandable by purchase
Featurescollaborate,build sharecollaborate,build share, cloud build
Version history90 daysunlimited

My Experience using unity teams

When I first tried it, I felt really insecure about sharing my project with someone in a different country but still I gave it a try. I must admit the experience of working with unity teams was really smooth. I could understand what I had to do to join a team member and how to remove a team member in about 15 minutes of using it.

One major doubt I had while using unity teams is what happens when another team member makes changes to your project. Will all my data be erased? Then I found out unity team only sync if you allow it to and clearly tells you what the change is. It also keeps a backup so that you can revert back if you don’t want the recent changes.

I was really impressed with the usage and ended up collaborating in a few more projects after that.

I think the above video gave a little idea of how to use unity teams but if you still have some confusion read on.

Unity Teams has two main service

  • Unity Collaborate which allows you to Save, share, and sync your projects and use simple version control and cloud storage, all seamlessly integrated with Unity.
  • Cloud Build Automatically share builds with team members. If you subscribe to Teams Advanced you can build your Project in the cloud.
  • Ref: Unity Docs

Adding a team member

To give team members access to specific Projects:

  1. On the Unity editors toolbar, click the Collab button.
  2. In the Collaborate panel, click the Invite Teammate icon at the bottom.

When you click the Invite Teammate icon, Unity launches the Users section of the Unity Developer Dashboard in your browser. From the Users section, you can invite anyone with a Unity ID to join your Project:

When your team member has access to the Project, they can see the Project in their Launcher (Projects > In the Cloud) and they can download the Project.

Unity teams is really useful if you want to collaborate with other people living in different parts of the globe. Give it a try and let us know in the comments.

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