How “Block Chop” solved their multiplayer problem in Unreal.

Unreal Engine is the most popular game engine for indie devs because you don’t need programming experience to start making games!  Unreal uses a visual programming language called Blueprints which is much easier to learn than C++, C# or any of the traditional coding languages.

While working on their own multiplayer indie game, the team at Block Chop Studios realized blueprints can do everything that traditional programming languages can do, besides one thing.  You cannot make a complete multiplayer system with blueprints.

The Block Chop decided to fix the problem themselves, and set to work developing a plugin that allows game devs to build a AAA quality multiplayer and matchmaking system without C++.  Devs can now use blueprints to make all of the features needed for a complete multiplayer game and potentially save years of work.  The plugin is great for anyone who wants a fast and easy multiplayer setup without sacrificing quality.

Block Chop Studios has created in-depth documentation, as well as a video tutorial series that developers can follow step by step to create and scale their multiplayer game.  They also have an active Discord where they will personally answer any user questions.  The goal of the “Multiplayer with Blueprints” plugin is to give indie game developers the opportunity to make a multiplayer game, without the years of work and endless lines of backend C++.  Now developers can focus on the creative parts of their project and the aspects of development they really love. 

They give you everything you need to make a AAA quality multiplayer game, using four Amazon Web Services: Gamelift + Cognito + DynamoDB + Lambda.

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User reviews

“This plugin is sensational, everything well explained, with little time you can put dedicated servers running on aws gamelift with database, matchmaking and more, the support is great and responds very quickly, wonderful !!!” -ronygabriel

“Amazing plugin, and phenomenal support!” -AlexKvandersson

“Thanks to this plugin I have been able to quickly deploy a server in AWS gamelift that has allowed me to test my multiplayer game online with my friends. Would recommend to anyone.” -kukillo

“This is a life savior for my indie project, the only problem I had was answered in less than a day! I was able to deploy my dedicated server with so much less trouble. Highly recommend for anyone that want to step up the speed of deploying a game!” -XOSH

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