Best Unity AR courses(TOP 3)

Augmented Reality or otherwise known as AR, has serious potential to become a very widely used technology in the near future. The reach of AR is slowly entering the gaming industry too. Unity and Unreal, the leading game engines have adopted to this technology. Unity has AR foundation and Unreal has AR framework that support SDKs from Google and Apple. In this post we will see the best Unity AR course for ARkit, ARcore and Vuforia. If you totally new to game development, then start with our how to make you own game post.

Best Unity AR Course

How do I start learning AR?

Is AR the Future?

AR has lot of potential to become the technology of the future. There are some hurdles that AR needs to overcome to be successful.

  1. Security concerns as AR uses image capturing.
  2. Real World object recognitions is still not perfect.
  3. AR devices are costly.
  4. AR glasses don’t look cool.
  5. AR apps are still not widely adapted.

What are the available technologies for AR game development?

There are different AR technologies available for developers. When it comes to game development, support for game engines is required. ARcore, ARkit and Vuforia provide support to both Unity and Unreal. All these technologies are continuously updated and improving both in performance and user interface.

Where to learn AR?

AR courses on google website and Apple developer website are really good. But they are more generic in nature. It is better to choose the course based on what you want to learn in AR. Udemy is your best option to learn AR. The courses in Udemy are well organized and it has courses for all type of AR application

  1. Learn AR core for Android studio
  2. Learn AR kit for IOS.

best Unity AR courses to make games

Course Details

ARKIT & Unity 3D, creating Augmented Reality Apps with C#

Become an Augmented Reality Developer! This Tutorial about Augmented Reality shows you all basics about Unity3D, coding in C# and the ARKit Plugin in less than 3 hours! Why should you learn something about Augmented Reality? -Augmented Reality is in it's early stages. -There is still much potential to create awesome Applications. -The demand for Augmented Reality apps is bigger than ever before -Break into a brand new industry expected to be worth $165 billion by 2024 -The world tracking of Apples ARKit is amazing Thanks to the powerful GameEngine Unity3D combined with C# it's really easy to create Augmented Reality Apps. In the first 30 minutes we will learn all the important basics about the object oriented programming language C# combined with Unity3D. Then we will create the main project from scratch! You will learn all the important basics about: -ARKit Plugin -Raycasting -Animation -Animator-Controller -Audio Sources -Unity UI-System -Particle System -Moving GameObjects -Instantiating GameObjects -Scene Manager -Physics -And much more So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first person ever who will create Augmented Reality Apps like this!

Provider Details
Provider Name : AR developer TT

Course Details

Build 4 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with ARCORE and Unity

This course is designed for students interested in creating Augmented Reality application’s using ARCORE & Unity. No coding experience is required; all you need is an ARCORE supported Android phone and a Window’s / Mac system for testing your Augmented Reality apps. We will start with the basics of Unity, C# platform and then move to higher topics Basics of Unity Are you a beginner to C# programming? No PROBLEM, in this course I have created a small section in which I have explained the basic concepts related to Unity and C# programming ARCOREONE ARKITONE is the first ARCORE application which you are going to create. Import ARCORE sdk for Unity Understand the working of HelloAR scene Detect ground surface and place Andy model in Real World Place a Life Size Tiger in Real World ARMAZECORE In the ARMAZECORE application you will Develop your own Maze from Scratch Move the Camera using FPS technique Create a Treasure gameobject with precious gem’s Move in the Maze to find the Treasure Scan the Ground surface, place the Maze on ground and find the Treasure in Real World Vertical Plane Dection In this section you will learn the following Detecting a vertical surface and placing an AC Model on a wall Adjusting the rotation of the model Enabling the UI elements only once the AC model is activated Creating textures for your AC model Changing the color and texture of the AC model Face Tracking using Face Anchors In this section you will Understand the important components in Augmented Faces scene Design Face Filters for the face Dynamically generate UI buttons based on the number of Face Filters Add a scroll rect to scroll through all the UI Filters buttons Change the Face Filters on our Face So after explaining you the course content I hope to see you inside this ARCORE Augmented Reality course

Provider Details
Provider Name : Dinesh Tavasalkar

Course Details

Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia

This course is designed for students interested in creating Augmented Reality apps. No coding experience is required; all you need is an Android or iOS device for testing your Augmented Reality apps. We will start from basics of Unity, C# platform and then move to higher topics Intro & Basics of Augmented Reality In the first section you will first understand as to what is Augmented Reality? Next we will look at the four different augmented reality techniques and its application. After this I will explain you what is Virtual Reality and the differences between Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Basics of Unity After understanding Augmented Reality next we will look at the basics of Unity as Unity is the main software which we will use for building Augmented Reality apps. Augmented Reality One (ARONE) application ARONE is the first Augmented Reality Application which you are going to create. In this app you will Create Vuforia account Create License Key for the AR app Upload an Image as Image Target Understand Vuforia Image Recognition system Solution to White ImageTarget problem in Vuforia version 6.2.10 Download 3D model from Unity Asset Store Place 3D Model on top of Image Target Download ARONE app database from Vuforia and activate it inside Unity Build this app for Android & Ios Augmented Reality Book (ARBOOK) application In the ARBook application we will first create few sketches inches a drawing book. Next we will download some 3D Models from the asset store and project the 3D Model on top of each image target. Application like ARBOOK can be implemented in Schools & Colleges for teaching complicated subjects in a fun and easier way. Virtual Button & Augmented Reality Business Card (ARBusinessCard) In this section I will explain first explain you the concept of Virtual Button in Vuforia and the six important factors that should be considered while working with Virtual Button. Next you will create a simple Virtual Button app called AugmentedRealityVirtualButton in which you will understand the important function & interface that are required for working with Virtual Button. After the ARVirtualButton app we will then create and ARBusinessCard. In the ARBusinessCard app you will first place multiple virtual buttons on top of an Image Target. Next I will show you how to play video file inside Unity, After this we will write a C# script to play a particular video when the virtual button for a particular video is pressed

Provider Details
Provider Name : Dinesh Tavasalkar

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