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Making a game is just one part of game development. You should be able to market your game or you will have a game that nobody knows about. There are many ways to market your game you can see about it in detail in our mobile game marketing post. What if I tell you that there is a free way to reach 1000 people’s emails for FREE? I am not bluffing, it’s true. In this post, I will show you how you can send emails about your game to 1000 random people everyday without being marked as spam.

The answer is Herculist.

What is Herculist?

Herculist is a safelist. Safelist is a group of emails that have authorized to receive any email from the safelist. In return, they can send emails to others on the list. This is a simple email exchange platform. By using Herculist, you also authorize yourself to receive any email. So it’s better to create a filter and send them to a folder.

The name and what it does and even the website of Herculist for that matter looks spammy. I was a little hesitant to use the website. But, since it’s all free and you only create an email account I thought why not. It was good and the website delivered what was promised

How herculist can help you increase your game sale numbers

Herculist is not a niche-specific list so the CTR of your emails will be much less than sending it to your followers. But since you are going to promote a game and most people love to play new games it might be worth the try. Follow the steps below

  1. Create a free account in Herculist.
  2. Confirm the email account. (Once you confirm you will start receiving emails from other people in the list).
  3. Go to admailer
  4. Type in your message (Write a good email)
  5. Press send.
  6. Repeat for the next 10 days

Using the zone

Herculist has more features than just sending an email. The zone is where you can exchange views. You need to specify a URL in your account that you want to be displayed in the zone. Then you can go and start browsing in the zone and for every 2 websites, you visit you will get 1 visit to your URL.

Pros and Cons of Herculist

Pros of herculist

  1. Can email 1000 people for free everyday.
  2. Get unlimited credits by browsing to send more emails.
  3. Good for general product launches.
  4. Easy way to get free traffic.

Cons of Herculist

  1. Cold email list with very little conversion.
  2. Very high bounce rate for websites.
  3. Not effective for niche specific campaigns.

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