how to export a scene in unity.

Sometimes it is required to export one scene from one Unity project to another. But there copying all the required assets is not the solution as it misses the dependencies of the scene. Most of the time, we end up doing a lot of manual correction. In this tutorial, we will see how to export a scene along with its dependent materials and Gameobjects.

Step1: Selection

  1. Select the required scene in the project window.
  2. Right click >Select Dependencies.
  3. This should select are the materials and Gameobjects linked to the scene.
Step1>select dependencies

Step2: Exporting the scene

  1. Right click the selected objects and click Export package.
  2. Uncheck include dependencies to remove unused objects.
  3. Click export and save.
step2>export scene

That’s it you have successfully exported a scene. If you have any other question leave it in the comment section below.

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