What is the cheapest setup that can run Unity 3d smoothly?

Though it is recommended to have a good configuration to run Unity, lack of good compute should not stop you from making a game. There are many other game engines like game maker that don’t require high end configuration.

Minimum system requirement for Unity 2021

Operating SystemWindows7, Linux or mac
GPUShould support dx10, 2GB atleast
Hard disk256GB

You can try running previous version of Unity if you have a much lower configuration. Unity does not state the exact RAM and harddisk requirement. But anything less than the above configuration. You are going to have a hard time making games.

Cost of the above configuration will be around $400-$500.

Recommended configuration

Operating SystemWindows7, Linux or mac
GPUShould support dx10, 4GB DDR5
Hard disk256GB SSD

This configuration is going to cost you a $100 more than the above one, but you will be able to run Unity smoothly with this.

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