Using Unity Remote 4

First time when i came to know about Unity Remote it was something most of the game developers will love to have. I eagerly downloaded the app from google play store and started, but nothing happened. I tried searching all over the internet and after lot of searching and combining tricks from all websites i was able to see my game in unity remote.

So i decided i ll write a step by step procedure for unity remote. Do the following steps (This is for Android Phone Only)

  • Download app from play store and install.
  • Enable USB debugging in your phone.
  • Install Google USB driver on your Computer.(It ll be there in Android SDK installation,I am assuming you installed Android SDK already).
  • This will be of some help to check USB driver installation
  • Connect your phone to your computer and select Image transfer mode in your USB option in phone.(PTP mode).
  • Launch Unity (you must launch Unity remote in your phone and phone must be connected to your computer before launching Unity).
  • Go to Edit->Project Settings->Editor.
  • Under the unity remote setting in the inspector select Device as Any android Device.


Now you should be able to see your game in phone when you press play in the editor. If you are still not seeing it. try restarting unity once.

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