Best free online Game development course for beginners

Learn to make your dream game yourself.

Game development is fun, but it has a steep learning curve. There are hundreds of resources available. A new developer can get confused where to start from. We have compiled the top 5 course based on how easy it is to learn and how beneficial it is for the beginners. All the courses listed here are based on Unity 3d.

Before you start with the tutorial, know the basics of how to make a game.

1. Roll a ball tutorial from unity.

Roll a ball tutorial is one for the most basic courses that you can get on Unity. The best thing about this course is you learn all the basic navigation in unity editor. It also teaches you how the unity physics engine works. You get an overall idea of how things are interconnected in unity.

Most of all you get a confidence that you can build a game.

2. Learn Unity-VionixStudio

This course is for people who would like to learn scripting. Don’t worry this course is made so basic that a person with no knowledge of coding can understand. There are ways to make game without scripting, but learning scripts in unity can give you better control.

You can learn basic coding and develop a game with it.

3. Complete C# Udemy

This is an all-in-one course. You learn everything from basic navigation in unity to advance coding. You also get to make 6 games all by yourself during the course. It includes text games, 2d games, 3d games and even a multiplayer.

Become an expert in unity.

4. Learn unity-tutorials point

Tutorials point has a complete package to learn unity from scratch. It is not a video series. Tutorials point lessons are readable articles that you can follow at your own pace. It has images explaining each step and very easy to understand.

This course is for people who like to read than watch tutorial video.

5. Youtube series-Brackeys

Brackeys channel has gained quite a traction in the last few months. They video uploaded are quite engaging and entertaining. These videos can keep you motivated and you can learn Unity from a beginner’s point of view.

Entertaining and engaging.

Most of the courses here are free. Make sure you have fun developing games. All that is required to succeed in game development is the will to go on and to try new things. All the best.

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