Unity Asset store licence

Unity asset store licence can be confusing for any new developer using unity. The most commonly asked question is “Are unity assets royalty free?“. This article will clarify this in detail.

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One basic thing that all should understand is buying asset from asset store means buying the licence to use the asset. The unity asset store licence can be free or paid but once bought you have the license to use it in your game or digital media. There are some restrictions on the ways to use them.

Usage restriction on unity assets

  1. Asset may be installed any number of times only in computer owned by the purchaser, located at a particular site. For example, you can install the asset in your laptop, desktop, your employee’s laptop registered with single licence.
  2. Editor extensions can be installed in maximum of 2 computers. For the avoidance of doubt, Editor Extension are licensed on a per seat basis may not be shared or used concurrently on more than 2 different computers. Using an virtual machine does not require an extra license.
  3. If you are hiring an freelance then, you must have its own licence to the Asset, regardless of whether the freelancer working on the project for you had his own licence to that Asset. That is both you and the freelancer must have individual licence for the asset.

What are unity restricted assets?

All the above restriction are for non restricted assets ,editor extentions. Unity asset store has marked some assets as restricted assets. You cannot use them in your game or other digital media. Restricted assets are only for educational purpose. They are mostly part of some tutorial that unity provides to their users.

You may not use, reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, distribute, sublicense, rent, lease or lend Restricted Assets.

What not to do with Unity assets.

  1. Do not make copies of the Assets, except incidental transient or temporary copies.
  2. You shall not Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any unity asset.
  3. Should not try to resell, distribute or share the asset.

Unity asset store refund policy

You can claim a refund in any of these conditions

  1. The asset was not as advertised in the asset store.
  2. The Asset is not compatible with the most recent official release of Unity and no information was provided at the Unity Asset Store.
  3. The Asset includes unauthorized intellectual property.
  4. The asset is no longer available in unity asset store.

The first 3 points are valid for 2weeks whereas the 4th point is valid for 4 weeks from the date of purchase.

Hope this clarified all your questions about the asset store licence.Leave a comment below if you have any other question regarding unity asset store.


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