Best Unity Assets in each category

Unity assets store is the most resourceful place for any unity developer. It has assets for all requirements. Everyone will find something suitable to their need in the asset store. But sometimes its difficult to find the best unity assets in each category.

We have listed the best unity assets from 3D, 2D,UI,Terrain,VR and audio categories. So you can easily find the asset for your requirement. The best unity assets are ranked based on their usability, publisher response and how updated they are. This list consists of both free and paid unity assets.

If you need any help with finding the assets in any other category, leave it in the comments below and our team will update the post. Check offers on the asset store.

Best unity assets

Best Unity Assets- 3D Animation

Props Animations

Props Animations is a big collection of animations designed for use in Mecanim that is only going to get bigger.

What users say

Best Asset for Animations I found yet. Also support above the existing Animation! Got some requested new Animation within 30 minutes.

Love it 🙂

Melee Axe Pack

Create, rig and animate your characters with mixamo.
These 55 high quality animations from Mixamo’s professional motion capture studio are perfect for your axe-wielding, skull bashing, dragon slaying barbaric types.

What users say
My goodness, you guys are so awesome! This free animation pack is fantastic, I could almost cry when I got it working with my free 3D model in my game project.

Fighting Motions Vol.1

FightingMotionsVol.1 is a FBX library for fighting games. This package contains 25 basic motions for karate and kickboxing games such as punch, kick, and damage motions. Set the Rig Animation Type of any model as Humanoid; then apply the motion.

What users say
It is wonderful motion that I can perfectly put to my character. One of the best unity asset

Rifle Animset Pro

This is a complete set of 88 motion capture animations and a PlayMaker controller, to build a seamless, third person perspective character with rifle movement for your game. You can just drag and drop Player and Enemies on your level and play, or use the animations to build your own controllers.

What users say
The number and quality of the animations corresponds to the price – there is a lot of animations and they look nice. I’m using full body IK for leaning and other “missing” moves and it still looks great.

Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack

An extensive and comprehensive pack of 149 crafting animations, setup as a Mecanim Humanoid so you can easily swap in your own character in, with full 5 finger hands to accommodate high detail models.

What users say
Very useful asset for adding crafting animations and other casual animations.Also, great support! This pack is around 4 years old and the author constructively responded to a support email within 15 minutes! Definitely 5 stars.

Best unity assets- 3D characters

“Unity-Chan!” Model-Best unity asset

The cute 3D model girl “Unity-chan!” (Kohaku Ootori) has come from the Japanese game scenes!
She is a lovely and very active girl.
Enjoy making games with her!

What users say
It’s a great free asset. Good to use in a game, when you don’t have time to create a 3D model. Best Unity asset!

Taichi Character Pack

With this pack, it’s possible to accommodate a wide range of genres such as action games, romantic adventure games, and fighting games.
These assets are compatible with both legacy and Mecanim animation systems.

What users say
This is an awesome anime style model with a ton of animations. Just what I needed for my reference project!! I love the assortment of fight animations.

Toon Character Pack

Toon Character Pack is a collection of low poly characters with example scripts and effects. The UV’s are set up so that it is easy to create new textures.


  • Toon Character Models
  • Low Poly (370 ~ 570tris)
  • Mecanim
  • 30x 2048x2048px Textures
  • Transparent Toon Shader (Ninja)

What users say
there are lots of animations included, too, so I got everything I needed from this pack. Fully recommended!


This pack gathers all the Protofactor’s animals currently created. This pack consists of all the animals that you will need to make a forest game. The animation of the animal characters are of top quality and will suite your every need. This pack is constantly updated with new animals. Best unity asset in 3D models that’s worth the one time fee.

What users say
I bought different animal models from different publishers and this one is the best one i have found.
Not only models are very good and realistic, animations are top quality too.

Cu Cat

If you need a cute cat for your game, this is the asset. One mesh polygon.
32 cute animations.

What users say
Very good low poly model, with a lot of skins and animations (a total of 39 in 1.5 version). All the animations (in 2 variants: generic and legacy) are really smooth, realistic and cute.

Best unity assets-3D environment

Make Your Fantasy Game – Lite

This pack contains a completed cemetery garden scene from our pack. It has 60+ assets and five ground textures to help you build your own spooky cemetery scene.

What users say

You get 60+ prefabs of really good quality, for free, perfect for practicing level design in Unity.
I’ll consider buying the fantasy pack, for future projects!

Village Interiors Kit -BEST UNITY ASSET

This modular kit is what you have been looking for to construct all the Medieval Fantasy Village & Town, Castles, Cathedrals, Taverns & Inns, Shops, Catacombs, Crypts, Tomb & Temple Interiors for your new game.

What users say
This is a great asset, especially when paired with the Village Exteriors kit and the blueprints from 3DForge. It has been immensely helpful in the creation of areas in the game I’m building. Incredibly helpful when prototyping a game and even for production use.

Fantasy Forest Environment – Free Demo

Get started with scenes and levels for your game with this free sample of assets fromFantasy Forest Environment!
The sample contains one textured tree with 3 LOD stages (5k/3k/1.6k tris), one grass terrain detail mesh, two terrain textures and a demo scene.

What users say
I have used this asset for 3 of my projects. I think it is awesome with the moving grass.

Village Exteriors Kit

This modular kit is what you have been looking for to construct all the Medieval Fantasy Village & Town buildings you would ever need.

What users say
Can’t go wrong with any of 3DForge’s assets. All of the packs are well organized, contain game ready consistent art, and are easy to use. Even better they are great about labeling their packs that are subsets so you don’t accidently purchase things you already own. Also the publisher is very responsive to customers via e-mail and discord.

Cartoon Town and Farm

Cartoon Town and Farm contains tons of models to create scenes such as farms, villages, city in a cartoon/comic-style. Package contains 180+ prefabs.

What users say
very nice set with a lot very nice cartoon buildings and props plus little things like animations and particle effects to some cute birds that fly around bring the world to life, everything looks fantastic. thank you for the pack

Best unity assets-2D Characters

Sunny Land

A 2D platfromer game assets kit. It contains everything needed to build an old school 2D platform game game out of the box.:

  • Parallax Background
  • 6 animations for the player
  • 3 different animated Enemies
  • Items and Fx animations

What users say
definitely helpful when you’re just starting out with unity.

Fantasy Heroes: Character Editor [PRO]

Create role playing games, arcades, platformers, quests and even strategies! This package contains full sprite collection, character editor and all general animations. Our built-in editor will help you to customize your characters and play animations. You even don’t need to write a line of code!

What users say
Really this editor is incredible. The possibilities you can do with this editor are insane. really a beautiful job. Best unity asset.

Knight Sprite Sheet (Free)

2D knight asset has all basic actions. It’s best for mobile IOS & android games such as running game, adventure game, and action game
Feature: -13 animationcs -2 Effects -1 item -separated body parts -HD transparent PNG

What users say
Very nice asset, with lot of animation sprites. Very easy to use. It has helped me a lot with my game.

Heroes and Villains – Fantasy 2D pack

9 fully animated characters using Mecanim, animated directly in Unity so you can add your own if you wish. 3 backgrounds, 9 props andMany equipment variations added.

What users say
Best unity asset, with very good example to start a small action game.

2D Customizable Character – Male

This asset is a fully animated and customizable 4 directional character for your top-down game. It has been animated with joints for smooth movements and allows you to customize characters in endless of variations, create anything from the hero to NPCs.

What users say
Probably the best money I’ve ever spent on the asset store. Only in competition with the creators other work.

Best Unity assets-2D Environments

2D Art Pack

This pack was developed for thecreation 2D games such as platformers, shooter or endless runners. Package contains about 90 sprites of platforms, addons, background elements.

What users say
Really beautiful and well detailed assets! Worth the money! If you think is the type of art you need for your game… Buy ASAP

2D Game Starter Assets

2D Game Starter Assets, is a nice, and various png sprites pack to help you to create nice levels for your 2D games!

What users say
This is an excellent example of how the particle system can be used to emit a side scrolling background in an infinite loop.

2D Isometric Tile Starter Pack

This set consists of 219 tiles.
With this 2D package, you have all you need to start building isometric worlds for your games.

What users say
I was quite pleased with this set.

The art style is reminiscent of late SNES, early PS1 RPG graphics and is EXACTLY what I was wanting as a baseline for my project.

Best Unity asset!

2D Jungle Side-Scrolling Platformer Pack

This bundle includes 186 HQ hand painted backgrounds and platform tiles for a 2D side-scrolling platformer game.
This package includes:
– 42 plants.
– 9 trees.
– 15 clouds.
– 6 mountains.
– 3 sky background.
– 6 type of platforms compound of 18 tiles.
– 3 spikes.

What users say
Thanks for this asset, I am building my first game through an online tutorial and some of the code they supplied didn’t include the prefabs. This allowed me to both use the prefabs but also get a sense of what goes into using the prefabs with collision sensors.

2D Hand Painted – Grassland Tileset

A high quality tileset package for topdown games.
128×128 hand painted tiles to create your grassland level. Includes cliff walls, grass, flowers, mine entrance, water, trees, bushes and more.

What users say
I’m a coder with a huge problem..
I need to see what I’m actually coding and without assets to build your scene I’ve got pretty hard time.

Best unity assets-Audio

Absolutely Free Music

This is a free collection of my old works in a variety of styles that you can use in ALL your projects. In package: trance, orchestral, instrumental, rock, symphorock, etc. Total: 41 compositions. This can be used for all purpose.

What users say
The best unity asset for free music on the store, must have for those who just started their career with unity.

Ultimate Game Music Collection

The Ultimate Game Music Collection is the definitive video game stock music pack. Containing 207 tracks and cues, including full content from 10 popular packs and more, it offers a huge library of versatile music, for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything! All at an incredibly low price.

What users say
The amount of music is insane! I absolutely love it. You’ve ticked all my boxes.

FREE Casual Game SFX Pack

Casual Game Sounds is a collection of original hand-crafted one-shot sound effects. It contains essential audio material covering most events of any casual game, i.e. short blips for bonuses, juicy explosion sounds, tight snappy clicks for tile removal, ticking clocks for depicting the level running out of time etc. The pack also contains UX / UI sounds.

What users say
This collection of audion sound effects is a small but great assortment of different and somewhat unusual sounds.

Game Music Pack – SUITE

Game Music Pack – SUITE” contains various genres of BGMs that can be used and fit to mobile game development in Unity.
It’s the most suitable BGM package that makes your game even more stand out and fascinating.
“AnimeSong”, “Jingle” and “Promotion” other than BGM supports loop.

What users say
Good quality pack with calm and energetic suitable for manga action or rpg games.

Horror Sfx

Horror Sound Effects Library is a powerful collection of often used horror sound effects for creating a frightening and terrifying experience.

Absolutely a must get if you are doing a horror themed game. The quality of the clips are great and are not too large. There are perfect audio files in here to cut and mess about with too if you wanted to create more SFX.

Must have Unity assets for Beginners

During the initial days of game development it can be hard to develop all the assets by yourself. Unity asset store can be of really good use in this case. Some of the essential unity assets are as follows.

1. Pro Builder:

Unity was earlier only a game engine ,you need to download a separate 3D modelling software and import the model to unity. That option is still available for people with expertise in other modelling software. However, Pro builder is a very good option of early developers who are new to 3d modelling.

With Pro Builder you can make a 3D model inside unity and test it in your game environment. Pro Builder also allows you to do UV unwrapping and texturing inside unity. So there is no need to learn a separate 3D modelling software.


2. TextMesh Pro:

Unity has a inbuilt UI Text but the customization is very limited. It is very difficult to make a styles and good looking menu with unity’s inbuilt UI Text. TextMesh pro gives you so many option that even a beginner can make stylish and colorful looking menu.

It uses two triangles per character just like Unity’s text components, this improved visual quality and flexibility comes at no additional performance cost. TextMesh Pro provides Improved Control over text formatting and layout with features like character, word, line and paragraph spacing, justified text.


3. GAIA:

Gaia is an terrain generator for Unity. Though Unity has a free terrain generator available in asset store. Gaia gives so many option and better game performance compared to the native terrain generator. Gaia is a must have asset for everyone working on terrain based games.

Check Gaia detailed review.

With Gaia you can go fully procedural ,fully manual or do some manual tweaks on a procedurally generated terrain. Gaia is a stunningly well designed tool and very easy to learn for anybody. With Gaia you can have a terrain up and running in minutes. It is definitely worth investing.

Personally i feel the performance of terrain is very good during run-time. Even terrains in mobile are smooth while rendering.

Cost :$77

4. Casual game SFX:

Games are better with sound effects. Sound effects make a game more engaging and entertaining. But for a new game developer getting sound effects for every situation can be difficult. This package from unity is a collection of game effects used in casual gaming.

Casual Game Sounds is a collection of original hand-crafted one-shot sound effects. It contains essential audio material covering most events of any casual game, i.e. short blips for bonuses, juicy explosion sounds, tight snappy clicks for tile removal, ticking clocks for depicting the level running out of time etc. The pack also contains UX / UI sounds.


5. Unity Essentials:

Unity essentials is not a single asset,its a collection of assets. Many of them were included in unity standard assets earlier. Now you can download them from the asset store for free.

It has a 2d kit, 3d kit, effects pack, models, characters. As the name suggests it has everything that a new game developer would need to create his game. It has lot of examples that help you understand how to use them.


Unity Asset store is place with abundant game resources. Make sure you take full advantage of it and have fun experimenting with the assets. These assets are only unity starter assets you can find many other useful assets from the link below.

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