Best Unity low poly terrain Generators and packs

In this post, we will cover the best unity low poly terrain assets that you can use for your games. Low poly has become the new fashion in the gaming industry, In the early days, developers used to make their mesh low poly to avoid performance lags but, now with the advancement of technology it is possible to render high poly meshes without any considerable performance issues. In the past few years, people have loved games that are made with low poly meshes, low poly is no longer the polygon count in the mesh. It’s a game genre.

The terrain in a game consumes a lot of performance and it’s something that players don’t give that much attention to. Low poly terrain can be used in a normal game and also where the performance needs to be improved. Let’s see some of the best terrain generators specialized for low poly terrain in Unity.

Unity low poly terrain tools

Unity low poly terrain generators

Below are the 2 best low poly terrain generators available in the Unity asset store. If you are looking for a multipurpose terrain generator then check out our best terrain generator post.

1.Low Poly Terrain – Polaris V2

Polaris V2 is the best low poly terrain generator tool available in the Unity asset store. It provides all the tools needed to make a beautiful low poly terrain. It’s specialized for low poly and the terrains made with Polaris V2 are compatible with mobile games also. One unique feature of this asset is you can convert any available high poly terrain into a low poly with the converter tool included inside. If you use tools like GAIA for terrain generation, you can later convert them to low poly here.

It is perfect for creating low poly landscapes. It doesn’t require high performance so you can build huge terrains. The tutorials and their built-in assistance help a lot. Many reviews have stated that the publisher responds with a few hours and is very helpful.

2. Low Poly Systems

Low poly system is a cheaper alternative to polaris terrain generator. It does not include all complicated terrain tools like the polaris, it’s just a terrain converter. Low poly systems use unity’s native terrain generation tool to generate a terrain and then convert it into low poly. You can control how low poly you want your terrain to be and it is very easy to use if you are already used to unity’s native terrain generator.

It’s a really good asset if you like to paint terrains manually. This tool lacks the automatic procedural generation found in other terrain generators. This asset will give you good looking low poly terrains that work really well in all devices and at a cheaper cost.

Unity low poly terrain packs

Many developers are looking for ready to use terrains for their game. Here are the top 3 low poly terrain assets in the unity asset store.

1.Low Poly Series: Landscape

This is a must have asset if you are looking to make a low poly terrain. It has everything a developer will need to make a low poly environment. This asset package contains a total of 320 assets. It has bridges, roads, ponds, trees, you name your requirement and this asset has it. This asset is a one stop solution to a low poly environment. It includes 138 modular terrains ready to be deployed immediately.

One thing to note is this asset doesn’t support LWRP/URP, if that is not a problem for you then you can go ahead with this asset for your game.

2. 3D Low Poly Worlds

This asset is a collection of 6 different scenes which include Snowy, Forest, Mountain, Canyon, Sunset, Night. Each scene package contains a readymade asset to use for your game. All the scenes’ terrains models are also available as separate 3D models that you can arrange to customize your own terrain. It’s very easy to use and like an instant beautiful low poly terrain for your game.

This asset has very high quality and great art style. All assets are modular so, it’s really easy to construct all types of environment styles.

3. Awesome Low Poly Fantasy World

This asset is a collection of buildings, props, terrains and many other low poly assets. These assets are mainly focused on making low poly fantasy styled games. It has more than 120 unique models ready to be used. One best part of this asset is, it is updated continuously and you get more and more assets as they update.

This asset package seems to not run very smoothly on low end mobile devices. So, if you are planning to make a game for mobile devices this asset is not for you. Go for 3D low poly worlds.

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