Best Unity Terrain Tools-make terrain in minutes.

Terrains and maps are one of the most important part of a game. In a 3D game a good looking terrain can make the game more enjoyable. But ,designing every detail of the terrain yourself can be a tedious task. So,here are some best unity terrain tools that make the terrain generation process simple . Know how terrains are procedurally generated.

1. Gaia – Terrain & Scene Generator

GAIA gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between and delivers simple, fast and pretty terraforming, texturing, planting and placement using our sample assets or yours as you prefer.

You can generate good looking usable terrain in minutes (using the standard configurations) or, in a couple hours if you want to customize the spawners, textures, rules, etc. That’s hardly any time given the great results.

2. MapMagic World Generator

Its a node based procedural and infinite game map generator.  Each node on a graph represents a terrain or object generator like noise, voronoi, blend, curve, erosion, scatter, forest, etc. Once the nodes are connected a game map will be created.

The best thing about this tool is it’s ability to export the maps it creates as regular terrains. This means you can make your terrain in a separate project and export it to the game without having to install Map Magic into the main project.

3. TerraTex – Automated Terrain Texturing

Terratex is an automated script to texture Unity Terrains based on a wide range of configurable parameters. With this you can create virtually any terrain you want in just a couple of minutes ,whether it’s grassy, rocky mountains, dessert, volcanic, glacier etc.

This is the best terrain tool for people on a budget. Its a fantastic painter that gives very good results without having much hassle. The perlin noise option is really good and gives great results.

4. Terrainify 2D

A free and dynamic seed-based generator of 2D terrain using Perlin noise and Unity’s Tilemap system, combined with a robust chunking system for loading them efficiently within adjustable bounds and with an adjustable chunk size.

It’s quick and easy to start generating terrains with Terrainify. The developer has added crystal clear documentation for every feature in this asset.This assets uses perlin noise algorithm for terrain generation which results in really randomized terrains and the best part is its free.

5. TerraTex Lite

This is a lite edition of TerraTex. The lite version does not have all features but has enough for you to create simple textures as a base. This is good for new developers who can develop simple games using this lite version.

Terratex lite is free and can be very useful for trying out new terrains.

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