Unity acquires Bolt visual scripting tool

Unity technologies have announced the acquisition of Bolt from Ludiq. This news came out on 4/5/2020. Bolt is one of the best visual scripting tools available in the asset store.Many non-coders will benefit from the acquisition of bolt by unity. Unity has been trying to develop its own visual scripting tool to match Unreal’s blueprint and looks like bolt is the answer for that. keep reading for more detrails.

1.Does it mean bolt will be free?

No, bolt will be available in unity asset store as it was before. There is no announcement regarding the change in price of Bolt in the asset store. Get bolt here.

2. Where will i get support for bolt?

Bolt community and support channel will remain available. They are making a transition from bolt support to unity. Any new queries will be answered by Unity technologies and a new support section will be available in unity forum.

3. Will unity’s own visual scripting tool be available?

Yes, Unity’s visual scripting tool is based on DOTS (Data-Oriented Technology Stack) architecture. Bolt will be available for non-DOTS and the classic version of Unity. This way both DOTS and non-DOTS users will have a visual scripting tool.

4. Will Bolt 2 development continue?

Yes, Bolt 2 development will continue with both Unity and Ludiq working together.

5. Ludiq promised bolt 2 will be free for bolt users, will Unity honor this?

Yes. Bolt 2 will be free for current Bolt users as well as those who purchase Bolt on the Asset Store before May 31, 2020. Bolt users will receive an individual license for Bolt 2 when it becomes available.

6. Did Unity acquire Ludiq?

No, Ludiq will continue to develop and sell its own assets.

Hope this answers all the questions you have. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comment section below. If you are still looking to get a visual scripting tool in unity, check out our post on bolt vs playmaker.

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