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Godot is a free and open-source game engine that has been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years. The main reason for Godot to become so popular so quickly is the royalty-free approach and code flexibility. A game made with Godot is totally yours and you don’t have to pay any kind of royalty fees or buy any subscription. When it comes to code you have options like GDscript, C++, C#, and visual scripting(one of the worth in the game engine world. The platforms available to learn Godot are infinite, but Udemy and Godot’s official website seem to do a better job in helping people learn Godot.

Udemy vs Godot website for learning

Godot website is the first choice for any new developer to start learning Godot. The documentation included is quite comprehensive and contains all required details on Godot. The documentation is well organised into categories and tutorials that can help in faster learning. All tutorials contain required screenshots to give a clear picture of what can be expected while starting to use Godot. The best part is that the documentation is continuously checked and updated by the community, whenever a mistake or new feature is found.

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Udemy is the worlds largest database of online courses. It has courses on almost all the topics that you can think of. Udemy is not only the largest in terms of courses, it is also the top online platform when it comes to user base. The user base is so huge and diverse that you can find all the courses in Udemy reviewed by the users. This helps you to choose the right course and if by mistake you bought a course that you don’t like, then Udemy’s 30 day return policy has got you covered.

The main reason to select Udemy over Godot website is Udemy course are video tutorials whereas Godot documentation is complete reading material. So its a personal choice on which type of tutorial suites you better.

Top 3 Godot courses on Udemy

1.Discovering Godot: Make Video Games in Python-like GDScript

This course is the best Godot course there is in all online platforms available. You don’t need to have any kind of experience to start learning this course. This course has an introduction section where the author tells you about the installing and basic working of Godot engine and then he slowly takes you into game making with a simple text game. After that you get to make a simple 2D game, 3D game and also a multiplayer game.

This course is more focused on GDscript. The course also includes a module on using C# to make game in Godot. C# module is in beta stage now and is updated regularly. This course gives you the base knowledge required to become a confident game developer.

Best reviews

  1. This course taught me to use Godot to the point where I am now confident enough to be working on my own game. Updates and new versions are easy to learn but a good groundwork in how the engine works is invaluable, so I’d say even with 3.2 out this course is still well worth taking. After all I’m working in 3.2 now and I didn’t have to take another course to learn it.
  2. I think this is the most friendly course of Godot Engine; Yann is a great instructor, and the projects were a great way to understand many of the functionalities of the engine, as well as to understand how to design the experience of a video game. However, in some lectures, there are codes that are not deep explained, but I really, really enjoyed this course, it is simple the best for beginners!

2.Godot 3 Complete Developer Course – 2D and 3D

This is a GDscript based Godot course. You learn from scratch how to used Godot with GDscript. The course is designed in a way to learn GDscript first and then go along to make games with it in Godot. This course is based on projects, so you can learn by making games and learn by doing things. Every module has a assignment in the end that helps you to overcome problems on your own.

In this course you get to make a total of 6 games. You will learn both 2D and 3D game making in this course. It includes a module where you learn to export your game to the platform you want to publish your game. This module also help you to learn the basics of game publishing.

Best Reviews

  1. Great course, the projects are very simple and easy to follow and, though we do not dive really deep in all the functionalities the software has to offer, I think that we touch every key subject that we need in order to be able to start making games with Godot.
  2. The pace of this course was pleasing to me. I enjoyed the steady flow of new ideas being presented in a just in time fashion. I Learned a lot of helpful things about Godot.

Note: Many people have complained regarding the audio quality of the course. If you don’t like the audio quality you can use udemy 30 day return policy to get back your money.

3.Godot Getaway: The Godot Course

This Godot course is for intermediate Godot developers. You need to have some prior experience in Godot to take this course. If you are new to game development or Godot, then Choose discovering Godot course in udemy.

This course covers some excellent techniques used by experienced game developers like procedural generation, vehicle physics, online networking. In this course you will be making a multiplayer racing game. You will learn to make cities with procedural generation technique and creating multiplayer connection for online gaming.

Best Reviews

  1. Amazing. I’m having a go at a 3D dungeon game and needed a kick start, I’d watched a heap of YouTube tutorials but this is 10 times better. After each video I look for the like button because they are all good. The instructor brings a positive energy and I’ll be looking for more of his material. Big thanks to the creators of the course, it must have taken a lot of work.
  2. This is by far the best Godot course I’ve done. The course is clear and well put together. Yanns delivery is easy to understand and nicely paced. Each part feels like real forward progress. The course is ongoing and I’m looking forward to future installments.

Though Godot is a great engine, it is not the industry standard when it comes to game development. If you are looking to get a job in game development, then learn Unity or unreal. Check out the best game development courses that will get you a job.

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