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YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. Almost everyone who uses internet is on YouTube and not just that, people scroll through YouTube looking for new videos to watch. YouTube thumbnail and intro videos contribute to 70% of engagement factor. Making a intro video with help of a design professional is a costly affair and not affordable to everyone. In this post we will cover how to make YouTube intro video online for free.

About the tool

We are going to use Canva for creating your intro video. If you don’t know what Canva is, it is an all in one design tool. Canva will cater to all your design requirement from social media posters to small flyers. You can create any design you want with a simple drag and drop feature. The best part is Canva is free to use. They also have free resources that you can use for your design. So, the first step in this tutorial is to signup for Canva which is free.

Steps to create Youtube Intro video

Step1 : Login to Canva and select YouTube intro as design

Design selection in Canva

Step2: Select the template you want to use for your video

Template selection in Canva

Tip: You can signup fro Canva Pro free trail for one month and get more resources

Step 3: Add Elements, photos, text and edit the template to your requirement

Editing the template

Step 4: Preview and Download your YouTube Intro Video

Preview and donwload

You free Youtube intro video is ready within minutes. Just add it in the front of your video and upload to youtube. This is not just for YoutTube, you can create intro videos for your game, online stories and many more.

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