How to Animate in Godot

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a simple animation in Godot. I am using Godot version 3.4.2 for this tutorial.

We will be animating the Godot logo and make it fade out as it moves using animation.

Godot logo fade out animation

Step1: Create a new 2D scene in Godot

Godot scene selection menu

Step2: Add Godot icon to the scene

Godot scene view

Step3 Add an Animation node

  • Select the Godot icon.
  • Click the + sign and select animation player.
  • Click create.
New node creation in Godot

Step4 : Creating animation

  • Select the Godot icon in the scene.
  • Click on the Animation button in the animation window.
  • Click new.
  • Give it a name and save it.
Creating a new animation in Godot
  • Click on the timeline and select the animation frame.
  • Make sure the Godot icon is selected in the scene window and go to the inspector.
  • Edit the position x to 100 and click the key icon near it.
  • Go to the visibility parameter and change the alpha value of modulate to 50% and click the key icon near the modulate property.
  • Change the animation frame to new time and edit the position and modulate values to 200 and 0 respectively. Don’t forget to click on the key icon or your edit will not be registered in the animation.

That’s it you have created a simple animation in Godot. You can edit any property in the same way to create animations that you require.

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