Top 3D game artist to hire at a Budget

Art is costly and game artists can cost a fortune. Not if you are looking in the right place. In the last posts, we had covered how to hire game artists and the best 2D artist to hire. In this post, we will list the best 3D artists to hire on a budget.

All the gigs listed below are from Fiverr. If you need to get things done on a budget Fiverr is the place to go. But it might be difficult to get the right person for the job. So, we have filtered out the best 3D artist that we used for our games. We have listed them in the increasing order of cost.


  • From Pakistan.
  • He can match the art style to your requirement.
  • Provides Unlimited revisions.
  • Output file format based on your requirement.
  • 6+ years of experience and multiple happy customers.

Everytime I order, he does exactly as asked + more. Can’t appreciate the hard work of this truly amazing team, overly grateful to have them!

Fiverr Review

Pheonix Thunder

  • From India and fluent in English.
  • Skilled in 3D character and environment design.
  • Charges based on the poly count of the model.
  • Fully customizable based on your requirements.
  • Provides Unlimited revisions.
  • Responds quickly and has completed 73 projects.

The seller was great and provided everything I asked for, just the actual job I asked for was quite simple and as I brought a unique job I offered first. and the seller accepted straight away, even though I could’ve gotten the same/ better job elsewhere for much cheaper.

Fiverr Review

Lost Pixel design

This is one of the top-rated sellers on Fiverr. He does an amazing job with the model but is a little costlier compared to the other gigs. If you need 4K detailing in your model then this is the gig to go for.

  • From Colombia and Fluent in English
  • Completed more than 222 projects.
  • Doesn’t provide unlimited revisions in all gigs.
  • You get the source file with the final model.
  • More than 10 years of experience.
  • Very responsive and delivers on time.

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