Top 5 English voice artists to hire for your Game

Everyone can talk but not everyone can talk in a compelling way so the audience listens. This is why you need to hire a voice artist. In video games, story narration is an important part of gameplay and you need special professionals to do this job similar to artists, programmers and sound designers.

In this post, we will see the Top 5 both male and female voice artist who you can hire for your game based on customer reviews and response rate.

Mark Bowen

Best pick for all your Voice over needs

  • Completed over 191 projects with 5 start ratings.
  • Extremely satisfied clients.
  • American English accent.
  • Usually responds within an hour.


One of the top female voice artists with American accent.

  • Completed over 121 projects with 5 Star review.
  • Rich and engaging sounds from warm & nurturing, corporate & authoritative, conversational & relatable, or upbeat & perky.
  • Multiple repeat buyers.
  • The average response time is 2 hours.

Check out her profile for demo voice over.

Extremely easy to work with, knew exactly what I was going for and was able to deliver at incredible speed. Absolutely recommend!

Fiverr Review


Best voice artist for fun, flirty, sexy voice overs.

  • Completed over 600 projects.
  • Satisfied clients and multiple repeat buyers.
  • The average response time is 6 hours.
  • Can voice over in Casual, Corporate, Emotional, Gritty, Sexy tones.

Check out her profile in Fiverr for sample voice overs. She goes by the name Kmillion on Fiverr.

Extremely talented. KMillions delivered the best Fiverr gig I’ve ever ordered so far. Really quick, professional and nailed the gig. If you’re looking for vocals/voiceover, I highly recommend KMillions. Thank you

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Brain King

Looking for a male voice over artist with Bristish accent? This is it.

  • 33 projects completed with 5 start ratings.
  • Satisfied clients.
  • Authoritative, Calming, Dramatic, Emotional, Funny tones.
  • The average response time is 3 hours.

Check out his profile for sample voice overs.

Brian is a pleasure to work with. Extremely reliable and accommodating!

Fiverr Review

Luke Demaine

If you are looking for a voice artist with experience in gaming industry then Luke is your man.

  • Completed over 60 projects with 5 start ratings.
  • Fluent in both American and British accents.
  • Dramatic, Energetic, Funny, Gritty, Scary.
  • The average response time is 4 hours.

Check out his profile for more details.

Luke Demaine is an incredibly cool seller! I am very glad that I worked with him. And I will certainly return to it! He felt the character perfectly, made several variations. This guy is very talented! If you are looking for a voice for your project, be sure to contact Luke. He did the best I could imagine. Highly recommended!!! Luke, thank you very much! 🙂

Fiverr Review

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