Top Animation Tutors for hire

Looking for a tutor to teach you animation? We have listed the top Animation tutors for 3D and 2D animation. The tutors are ranked based on customer reviews and response time. If you are looking for a tutor in your own language or country you can find them here.

3D animation Tutors

Yoge Sharabi The maya expert

  • Recommended for people wanting to learn 3D animation in Maya.
  • He Graduate from Vancouver Film School.
  • 4 years of experience in 3D modelling and Animation.
  • Can cover any topic based on your requirement.
  • He also provides 3D modelling and animation services.
  • Really pleasant to talk to and an excellent teacher.

Shaishav: The Blender expert

  • Recommended for people wanting to learn 3D animation in Blender.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Skilled in Blender modelling and Animation.
  • He has completed over 150 sessions online.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • The average response time is 1 hour.

2D animation tutors

Anas Rafiq : Teaches whiteboard animation

  • Recommended if you need to learn 2D animation for creating marketing videos.
  • Expert in whiteboard animation.
  • Has completed multiple projects on white board creation.
  • Course Introduction and Content, Interface and functionality, Storytelling, Video creation, Stop Motion, Logo Animation and Creative Ideas
  • The average response time is 1 hour.

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