Winners of Unity Awards announced

The 15th Unity Awards have concluded, showcasing an impressive array of games and development projects that excel in creativity, innovation, and technical prowess. With Game of the year awards nominees just announced a few days back, this is some exciting news for game developers.

The event, known for recognizing outstanding achievements in the gaming and development community, has once again highlighted the best in various categories, from desktop and mobile games to social impact projects and development tools.

Best Desktop/Console Game

“Cult of the Lamb” by Massive Monster clinched the top prize in this category, beating a strong line-up of runners-up like “Sons of the Forest” by Endnight Games Ltd and “DAVE THE DIVER” by MINTROCKET.

Best Mobile Game

The mobile gaming sector saw “MARVEL SNAP” by Second Dinner taking the lead, with notable mentions like “Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition” by ustwo games.

Best Multiplayer Game

Once again, “MARVEL SNAP” by Second Dinner emerged victorious, acknowledging its appeal in fostering online and couch multiplayer experiences.

Best AR/VR Game

“Innersloth, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy” took this category with “Among Us VR,” showcasing the potential of immersive AR/VR gaming.

Best Game Published on Supersonic

The hypercasual game category saw “My Mini Mart” rise to the top, highlighting the game’s success in the competitive mobile game ecosystem.

Best 2D Visuals

“MARVEL SNAP” by Second Dinner added another accolade for its stunning 2D game world, alongside runners-up like “Cult of the Lamb” by Massive Monster.

Best 3D Visuals

“Slime Rancher 2” by Monomi Park won for its artistic vision in a 3D world, with “GTFO” by 10 Chambers and others as close competitors.

The Golden Cube

The best overall game at the 15th Unity Awards went to “MARVEL SNAP” by Second Dinner, marking a significant achievement for the team.

Best Student Project

“Meowmentum Mori” by Vancouver Film School showcased the talent and potential of students in game development.

Best Social Impact Project

“Free Lives” won this category with “Terra Nil,” aligning game concept and creativity with sustainable development goals.

Best Animated Film

The real-time technology category was won by “Sprout” by Nayt Cochran & IV Studio, emphasizing the power of creative freedom in animation.

Asset Store Publisher of the Year

“More Mountains” was recognized for their contribution to the Unity Asset Store, providing essential tools and art packs.

Best Development Tool

The FPS Engine by Cowsins was awarded for extending Unity’s capabilities and boosting productivity.

Best Artistic Tool

“Text Animator for Unity” by Febucci Tools earned accolades for assisting artists in achieving their creative visions.

Best Artistic Content

“POLYGON – Elven Realm” by Synty Studios was celebrated for its contribution to creating environments, characters, and visual effects.

Best Devlog Series

“Code Monkey” won for “Dinky Guardians,” providing an educational and inspiring behind-the-scenes look at game development.

Most Entertaining

JasperDev was recognized for combining learning with entertainment in their Unity tutorial content.

Best Tutorial Series

“Code Monkey” again took a spot, this time for providing valuable skill-enhancing content for Unity enthusiasts.

Best Livestreamer

In this category, “Code Monkey” was lauded for sharing insightful Unity development experiences through livestreaming.

Best Newcomer

JasperDev was recognized as the most promising new content creator in the Unity scene.

The Unity Awards not only celebrate the achievements of game developers and content creators but also highlight the diverse and dynamic nature of the gaming industry. This year’s winners have set a high bar for innovation and creativity, further pushing the boundaries of what is possible in game development and design.

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