Free Unity Assets: Top 29 websites in 2023

Looking to Free Unity Assets? Look no further. Here is a complete list of websites where you can get Free Unity assets.

A word of caution. When downloading free Unity assets, you should always look for the license that comes with the asset. Not every asset can be used in a commercial project and some assets will require you to provide credit to the artist. So, it’s better to go through the license details before downloading the asset. VionixStudio is not responsible if you use the asset without reading the license document.

You can use our Game asset finder to search all the website at once.

Unity Asset Store

free Unity assets from asset store

Unity Asset store is a collection of all type of assets that can be used for commercial purpose. Unity asset store owned by Unity technologies and is growing at an alarming rate. According to Unity more than 1000 assets are added to the asset store every day.

Unity asset store also has paid assets but you can easily filter out free Unity assets based on category with the simple to use UI.

The best part of using Unity asset store is, any Unity developer can import the model directly inside Unity using the package manager and the asset will be ready to use out of the bag. Unlike assets that are downloaded from other websites, assets on Unity websites are 100% compatible to be used inside Unity.

Unity asset store is the only game asset marketplace that has complete projects that you can use.

Itch.IO webpage is a market place for indie games. You can buy games for all platforms on It also has lots of game assets hosted on it for free.

All the assets on are made by indie game developers for the community. While most of them are available to be used in a commercial project it’s better to look for the license before downloading the asset.

You can get asset related to 2D,3D, textures, Sprites, Animation and much more.


Craftpix store

Craftpix offers high-quality premium and free 2d-game assets for your project. The assets are divided into categories of icons, sprites, tile sets, Gui, characters, backgrounds, game kits and more. All the assets you get from Craftpix can be used for commercial purpose and can be used in multiple projects.

Craftpix has both free and paid assets. They have done a great job at categorizing free assets in a separate page. You can access the free asset page from here


They call themselves “The Public 3D asset Library”. PolyHaven works with artists around the world to get you free 3D models and free Unity assets. They are commercially supported by Ads and Patreon.

All the models and textures available on PolyHaven are free to use for both personal and commercial use. They are licensed under Creative commons zero.


Artstation website

Artstation is complete store to buy creative collections. You can buy tutorials, game assets, pictures, art brushes, 2D art, books and comics. Their collection is huge and diversified. They also have good quality game assets like 3D models, low poly models, textures, environment, 2D characters, cloths and more.

According to Artstation they have 57389 game assets submitted by over 10000 artists as of today. Not all the assets are free but they do have a huge collection of free assets.

Artstation pricing model is little different compared to others. They have sample assets which are free to use for one commercial project but you need the whole asset then you need to pay for it. Also, you need to pay extra if you want to use it for multiple projects.


OpenGameArt website

OpenGameArt is one of the oldest game asset stores. The look and feel of the website are also retro. Don’t let the look deceive you. OpenGameArt has a huge collection of free unity assets that you can use for commercial purpose.

Most of the assets in OpenGameArt is one the public domain with a creative common license. That means you are free to copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

You can let yourself loose and download as many assets you want from this website.

Defold Assets

Defold asset store

Defold is another game engine like Unity. Defold is not as powerful and feature rich as Unity Engine but the Defold asset store has some interesting assets. Unlike free Unity assets, Defold assets are free to be used in any manner the user wants. You can download the asset and use them in your Unity projects.

Not all assets in Defold store will be useful if you are working with Unity but you can always use assets like 2D art, 3D models, textures, sounds etc. for free in your Unity game.

Defold assets have a MIT license so you are free to use it for any commercial purpose.


CGTRADER website

CGTRADER is a huge collection of premium 3D models. Though most of their assets are paid they also have a collection of free 3D models.

CGTRADER has two types of licenses for free assets. One is editorial license and the other is royalty free license. Make sure the one you download has a royalty free license. That way you can use the asset for a commercial project.

Most of the assets in CGTRADER are not animated. So, if you are looking for an animated 3D model then you have to spend some time to search for it.

PNG Tree

PNGtree website for PNG assets

PNGtree is the home of images. They have images in all formats. The collection includes backgrounds, illustrations, text effects, marketing graphics and much more. You can get your hands on many 2D assets from PNGtree.

The pricing model is little different on PNGtree. Most assets are free to download for personal use but you need to subscribe to their paid subscription to get the commercial license. There are some assets that are free to use for commercial purpose but it’s really difficult to find them.

The quality of assets is really good and we regularly use PNGtree for our game’s UI. If you are planning to go with the subscription then I would suggest going for a life time license.


ShareTexture is a great place to get free assets for your game. It contains textures and 3D models. The website is commercially supported by Ads and Patreon. Some of the models and textures are reserved for Patreons.

All the assets that are available for free are under creative commons 0 license. So, you are free to use them in both personal and commercial project.

Share Textures website view


Vecteezy website view

Like PNGtree, Vecteezy is also full of images. The difference is Vecteezy has only vector graphics. Vecteezy has collection of icons, illustrations, sprites and props. The collection of vector art is huge but not all are free.

Vecteezy provides lot of the assets for free. You can filter out the free assets using the menu on the left panel. There are paid subscriptions available that give you unlimited access to free assets.

All assets downloaded from Vecteezy needs attribution. That means you need to give credit to Vecteezy when you use their assets.


TurboSquid website preview

If you are looking for 3D models then TurboSquid should have definitely crossed your search result. It’s a collection of free and paid 3D models for all type of purposes.

Not all the assets on TurboSquid are game assets there are models for 3D printing also. You need to put in some effort to find assets for your game.

TurboSquid has different license types for different assets, so it’s better to look for the 3D model with standard license. This allows you to use the asset for commercial purpose.


Hum3D is one of the biggest collections of 3D models for design, AR and visualization. Their 3D model collection includes cars, electronics, weapons and other 3d objects. Most of the models on their website is available for a fee but they also have a good collection of free 3D models.

Hum3D allows you to use these free assets for personal projects only. You need to buy assets from them to use it for commercial purposes.


Unity free assets website preview

This is not a generic collection of free Unity assets. This website makes the paid unity asset available for free. But there is a catch. You can only use the assets for personal use. If you need them for commercial purpose then you need to buy them from the Unity asset store.

They also have collection of Unreal engine assets. So, you can try out your hands on both Unity and Unreal assets.

If you are looking to use a paid asset in your personal project then this is the website for you.


Bevouliin website preview

Bevouliin has a good collection of 2D game assets. They have characters, backgrounds, marbles, illustrations, obstacles and ornaments. The collections are both free and paid.

Bevouliin doesn’t have a good filter option but they have marked all their free Unity assets in the preview thumbnail. That way, you don’t need to click every asset to find out if it’s free.

You are free to use the assets for both commercial and personal projects.


ambientCG website preview

Textures and materials are all ambientCG is about. You can get loads of texture ready to be used in your game and all for FREE.

ambientCG is a public domain for assets with high quality. Some textures are even 8K with accurate displacement. Many materials come with Substance (SBSAR) files that allow you to tweak them to your needs.

ambientCG is made by an individual named Lennart Demes. You can support him on Patreon so that he continues to make more assets.

Game developer studio

Game developer studio preview

Game developer studio is a collection of thousands of 2D game assets all in one style. According to them they have more than 10000 2D assets in their collection and it’s growing every day.

They provide a standard license for all free Unity assets. Which enables you to use the asset for both personal and commercial projects. The license does have some limitations so it’s better to look at it before using the asset.

The main disadvantage of Game developer studio is all the assets are in the same art style. So, if you are not making a game in this art style then the assets are not of much use.

Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. You are free to download and use the sounds for your free and commercial projects. But there are some sound effects that are not for commercial use and some that required attribution.

You can get all types of sound like walking sounds, running sounds, gun shots etc from this website.

free music archive preview

Free music archive is very similar to but this is more suitable for background music. There are not many game sounds in this website but it has a great collection of background music.

The royalty free music you download from free music archive doesn’t require any kind of attribution and can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

Game dev market place preview

Game dev market is an indie game asset store when indie developers can sell their assets. It has collection of 3D,2D, GUI and audio which are both available as free download and paid purchases.

It’s really difficult to find the free assets in this market place as the filter options are not good. But if you spend some time, you can get some good assets for free.

All the assets are included under pro license and can be used for personal and commercial projects.


game art 2D free Unity asset preview

Game art 2D is yet another 2D free Unity assets website. They have a really good collection of 2D art that you can use for your game. They have done a good job at segregating the free assets from the paid ones. You can just head to the Freebies section and download the free assets.

All the assets in the free section are included in the creative common license. So, you are free to use the assets in any way you want without royalty or attribution.


Kenny website preview

Kenny is a collection of different types of free Unity assets. They include 2D, 3D, audio, environment and UI assets. Thought the quality of assets is not comparable to Unity asset store, but it’s all free.

All the free Unity assets in Kenney are totally free to use with no strings attached. You can use them in both personal and commercial projects.


DoTown is a Japanese website to get pixel art for your game. The website is completely in Japanese. You have to use Google Translate to translate the website to the language of your choice.

The Website has all kinds of pixel art made by multiple creators. Most of the assets can be downloaded for free and can be used of both personal and commercial use.

If you are making a pixel art game then, DoTown should be on your list.

DoTown website translated by Google Translate

Glitch the game

Glitch was a massive online multiplayer game launched in 2010. It was shut down in 2012 for unknown reasons. But the creator decided to give away all the assets for free. All the assets of Glitch are available for free on their website.

The entire library of art assets from the game, has been made freely available, dedicated to the public domain. That means you can use them however you want.

Glitch the game

Super Game Assets

This is a complete game asset market place where creators can sell their creations. Most of the assets on Super Game Assets are premium. They do have a small collection of game assets that you can download for free.

The licensing of the assets is a bit complicated. You are only allowed to use these assets in one commercial game. If you need to use it again, they you have to purchase or download the assets again from Super Game Assets.

Free Game Assets

It’s a blog post with free assets for making a 2D platformer. There are many assets that you can get from this website but the navigation is not good enough and makes us wander around to find the asset.

All the assets are free to use for personal and commercial usage. But the author needs to be credited. It’s better to read the license details before downloading.

Free game asset Website


Booth is a collection of assets for Japanese Anime. If you are making a game with Anime visual style then Booth is definitely the website for you.

Not all assets on the website are free but you can use the filter to find free Unity assets. The license terms is not very clear. You can contact the website owner for more details.

Free models on Booth


Quaternius is a Patreon supported website. The artist makes all his work available for free and you can support him by contributing on Patreon.

All the assets are under Creative commons 0 license. So, you are free to use them in both personal and commercial projects. Most of the assets are 3D models. So, if you are making a 2D game, this might not be the website for you.

Quaternius Website screenshot


Royalty free sprites for all uses. One of the top websites to get free sprites for your game. Not just that, the website also gives you a free sprite maker software which you can use to make your own custom sprite in minutes.

All the sprites on SpriteLand are royalty free with no license. You can use them in any manner you like. If you are making a 2D game and looking for sprites then, SpriteLand is the place to look.

Free Sprites on SpriteLand


These websites with free Unity assets provide a great opportunity for game developers to save time and resources while creating high-quality games. With a wide range of assets available, from 3D models and animations to audio and scripting tools, there is something for every aspect of game development. Additionally, many free Unity assets are of high quality and offer the same level of functionality as paid assets.

Using free Unity assets can be a great way to get started with Unity game development, and for more experienced developers, it can help to speed up the development process. With the growing community of Unity developers, there is a constant influx of new and updated assets, providing developers with a wealth of resources to choose from.

Free assets offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for game developers, allowing them to focus on what they do best – creating engaging and entertaining games.

Remember to check the license.

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