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Success of a game depends on how well it does financially but selling games is not the only way to earn money. Game developers have another option to earn by selling assets in Unity asset store. In this post we will cover how to make unity assets and sell them on unity asset store.

What can you sell on the Asset store

You can sell anything related to game development on the Unity asset store. Mostly people sell 2D and 3D characters, Terrains, maps, Audio, scripts, models, editor extensions, tools, animations, AI, effects etc. Theoretically there is no limitations on what you can sell but it should be good enough for people to buy and use it in their game.

Following contents are deemed as inappropriate by unity

  1. Content should not be Defamatory or libelous
  2. Packages should not be marketed or presented with the intention of being overtly violent, gruesome or sexualized.
  3. Submissions that display targeted hatred of any kind like Race, Religion, Gender, Identity will be rejected.
  4. Base characters or Avatars are allowed to be completely nude under the condition that they are marketed and presented tastefully.
  5. Character models should not have detailed genitalia or internal anatomy.
  6. Submissions with functionality implemented to track or collect a user’s data will be rejected.
  7. Submissions should not attempt to install any programs/viruses onto a user’s computer.

What should be the features of your assets

Any assets published on the assets store must have the following features

  1. Users must be able to use the full function of the submitted assets.
  2. You should not ask user for signup or registration.
  3. Assets must not have any hidden cost.
  4. Purchase must be valid for lifetime.
  5. Assets should not contain watermarks.

PREREQUISITES to sell assets on Unity

Unity assets store requires you to be unity user to sell on the asset store. You will need the following to publish on the asset store

  1. Unity 2017.1 or higher version of unity.
  2. You need to register your Unity account as publisher.
  3. Asset store tools from unity asset store.

With the above things you can publish any asset on unity. Next lets see how you can make an asset that you can upload on unity asset store.

Sell asset on unity infographics
Sell assets on unity infographics

How to make a Unity asset.

  1. Import the asset you want to sell into a new unity project.
  2. Put all the contents you want to publish in a single folder. It will be Good if the name of the folder and the project name in Unity publisher portal is the same.
  3. Download and import the asset store tools into the project.
  4. After importing you should see an Asset store tools on the editor menu.
  5. Go to Unity publisher portal and create a new project.
  6. Select upload from Unity editor. Click on the Asset store tools menu and select upload.
  7. Then you can select package and fill in the package details asked. You can now upload the folder containing the asset.
  8. Prepare and upload you key images. You can get the details here.
  9. Preview and submit to the asset store.

Find out more on unity asset store licence here.

How to market your asset

When selling assets on the asset store you must consider doing some on page and off page optimization. These are required so that people will find your asset organically.

On page optimization involves placing keywords related to your assets and its category. Keywords are the words that people are using to find assets similar to yours. You must give a complete and detailed description of your asset. Include a video if possible. Assets with a how to use video gets more download that the asset that doesn’t.

Off page optimization is what marketing you do outside out asset store page to get people to reach your asset. Get links to your asset from top sites. The more number and diverse links your asset have the more it will get traffic.

ALL the Best.

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