Skillshare vs Udemy for learning

Going to college and learning new things have become a thing of the past. Online learning is the new trend and many online platforms have come up where anyone can learn anything and the cost is very less compared to a college degree.The cost of college education is too high for someone looking to learn new skills. Especially for entrepreneurs and working executives it’s simple and easier to learn online from these platforms than going to college.

It can be very difficult to find the right platform that fits your requirement. Skillshare vs Udemy is one of the most searched terms in google when it comes to online learning. In this post we will have a detailed comparison between the two based on the quality and cost of the courses.

Amount of courses

Udemy is really well established and have thousands of courses in their website. You can get at least 100 courses in any category you pick. Be it about cooking, sports or coding, Udemy has got you covered. When it comes to the number of courses, no online platform is comparable to Udemy. Udemy can also be called as the library of courses.

Skillshare is not as well established as Udemy. The number of courses they offer is very less compared to Udemy and also the courses feel like mini sub courses. Most of the Udemy courses are of 2 hrs. length but Skillshare average course length is 1 hour. As Dec 2019 Skillshare has only 16 categories of courses. One important point to note is the workshop option is also available in Skillshare.

Udemy claims to have around 100000 courses on their website whereas, Skillshare claims to have 22000 classes. Udemy is a clear winner in this section.

Skillshare vs Udemy in quality

When it comes to quality both Udemy and Skillshare are equally good. The courses are rated by the students and you can check the rating before enrolling. Both platforms have a mix of good and bad courses, so you need to through the reviews before enrolling for the course.

I feel it’s much easier to find good courses in Udemy than in Skillshare because of the number of reviews for a course. A course with two 5 🌟 rating is consider of less quality than a course with four hundred 4.5 🌟. Since Udemy has more users than skillshare , the courses get rated more.

Udemy courses tend to be more in depth compared to Skillshare. So, if you are looking to master a subject you might find more value in Udemy. Skillshare courses are precise and to the point. But again, it all depends on the instructors.

Even though we cannot decide the winner based on quality of content, Udemy is the winner in this part as it’s easier to find good course in it.

skillshare vs udemy

Skillshare vs Udemy cost

The business model of Udemy and Skillshare are very different. Udemy charges for every course whereas Skillshare has a monthly subscription for accessing the courses. There are advantages and disadvantages in both. Udemy courses go on frequent sale, you can get any course for $10 if you wait for few weeks.

The main problem with subscription-based model is you need to keep paying the subscription till you complete the course otherwise you are stuck in between. In most cases you only learn one course at a time. Personally, I don’t prefer subscription when it comes to learning. I like to learn at my own pace.

This section is dependent on personal opinion. Skillshare wins if you read more courses in a short time and it goes in Favour of Udemy if you like to master one course at your own pace.

Pros and cons of Udemy and skillshare

Pros of Udemy

  • More free courses.
  • Easier to find good courses.
  • Lifetime access to all courses.
  • You can get almost any course for $10 at sale.
  • 30 days refund policy
  • Mobile app for easy access.

Cons of Udemy

  • Buying every course can add to cost if more courses are required.
  • Not all free courses are Up to standard.

Pros of Skillshare

  • You get all courses for a small subscription.
  • Good if you like short courses.
  • Good for instructors as they promote your courses.
  • 1 month trial period with unlimited courses.
  • Good interface and offline availability.

Cons of Skillshare

  • No way to get free course after trial period.
  • No lifetime access to course.


After going through all the aspects of both. Udemy seems to be a good choice for people who want to learn in-depth. Most people will learn only one course at a time and paying subscription till the course ends doesn’t seem like a good option. If you are someone who doesn’t want a lifetime access to the courses and do a lot of courses every month then you can go for Skillshare. You can give the free trial a go and see if it’s good for you. Check out best game development courses on udemy.

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