Unity vs Unreal For Beginners

A game engine is an architecture that game developers use to make a game. Game engines make the process of making games simple by incorporating the basic needs of game development. In simpler terms, a game engine is dedicated software for creating and designing games. Unity vs Unreal is the most searched term when it comes to game engine battles, as they are the industry standards in game development. That doesn’t mean that these two are the only game engines that you can use but these engines have evolved along with game development technology and now are the best available.

Game engines provide the developers with more time to focus on the key features and elements of the game such as character looks, facial expressions, and models and how entities and objects of the game will interact. This means that before game engines, the process of designing games was a lot more difficult. It meant that all games would have to be made from scratch making it consume a lot more time and a whole lot expensive.

There are many game engine making companies. Different engines have different strengths and weaknesses as each of them has its own style and user base. Some are more geared toward non-programmers and beginners. Whereas, some are designed for programmers to unleash their potential.

Choosing a Game engine can be difficult for a new game developer. Without the experience of working on the game engines, it is not possible to decide that. Unity and Unreal are the two most commonly used game engines. They are both simple and have been developed with both a newbie developer and a pro in mind. Because of this, they are considered great for beginners. They are both easy to use and navigate. This makes them the top two choices for any beginner out there. The following section describes each of these game engines and some of their key features.

The most crucial requirement for a new developer is the support community and learning curve.If a game engine has a good support community then it makes the learning more fun and interesting. Choosing an engine with steep learning curve might lead you to lose interest in game development.

We have listed some key points for Unity and Unreal engine which will help you decide which one to use. If you are totally new to game development check out our post on How to make a game?

Unity vs Unreal

UNITY VS UNREAL- basic points

COSTFree, Till your Total revenue grosses $100000 in last fiscal year Free,Royalties applicable if product revenue crosses $3000.
SETUP SIZE Component based installation,Software is only 750MB,Rest of the components can be installed as required. 6.8gb installation file. 20GB disk space after installation
System requirement OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; macOS 10.12+  
CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
Memory :8GB RAM
GPU: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
OS:Windows 10 64-bit  
CPU:Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
Memory:8 GB RAM
GPU/DirectX Version:DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 compatible graphics card
Works offline YESYES
Language C#C++
User Interface Easy to navigate for beginners Steep learning curve
Platforms available IOS,Android ,Windows Universal Windows Platform ,Mac ,Oculus Rift ,Steam VR PC & Mac ,PlayStation VR,Gear VR ,Windows Mixed Reality ,Daydream ,Android TV ,tvOS ,Nintendo Switch ,Apple ARKit ,Google ARCore Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, AR, VR, Linux, SteamOS, and HTML5.
Support Well developed documentation with a support community,Unity assets store for free game assets. Well developed documentation with a support community,though the support community is not as big as Unity.Unreal market place is getting better with time.
Tutorials Free learning tutorial in the Unity website, lot of third party websites available,infinite number of you tube tutorial,special certified course by Unity. Free learning tutorial in Unreal academy, lot of third party websites available,infinite number of youtube tutorial.Learn Unreal
For whom Best for beginners, equally good for PRO. Steep learning curve for beginners, really good for pro developers.
DownloadUnity WebsiteUnreal website
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UNITY VS UNREAL- advance points

  1. Both Unity and Unreal engine allow you to change the code to have a customized game engine. But you need to pay to get access to the source code in case of unity.
  2. If you are someone who works on more 2d games. Then unity tools are much better than Unreal engine.
  3. The graphics of games made with Unreal engine looks better.
  4. Unity asset store is a great place to get assets for your game. Unreal marketplace is not as resourceful as Unity.
  5. Default project build times for Unreal are much slower than Unity.

FAQ On Unity vs Unreal

  1. Should I Learn Unity Or Unreal?

    You should learn unity if you are looking for step by step instructions for developing games and need a lot of support. Unity is easier to learn compared to Unreal and the support community is too good. Also in the job environment, Unity skills are in more demand than Unreal.

    Unreal is for people who want to experiment with stuff and are ready to do it alone without much support. Even unreal has improved in the area of tutorials but it is not able to match the level of Unity. Unreal is good if you want more control over your game engine but that's for advanced users.

  2. Which Is Easier To Learn Unity Or Unreal?

    When it comes to game development, persistence is the key. No matter which game engine you select, it's how much effort you put in matters. For a beginner, Unity has a less steep curve when it comes to learning. Unity uses C# which is easier to learn and also simpler compared to Unreal which uses C++. You can check out some best courses to learn Unity and Unreal.

  3. Is Unreal Better Than Unity?

    Both yes and no. Unreal has better graphics for 3D games and has more control for pro users. Access to source code is really a boon for advanced developers. But for hobbyists and 2D developers, Unity is better suited. Also, the royalty structure for people making money with games is better in Unity. Unity has developed a lot in the area of 3D in recent years. So, you can't choose a winner based on features.

Unity vs Unreal: graphics comparison by sykoo

UNREAL Game engine

Unreal was developed by Epic Games under a man known as Tim Sweeney in 1998. For the past two decades, Unreal has been used to develop games from all genres. Worldwide popular games such as Splinter Cell have been developed using Unreal. Newer games such as Final Fantasy 7 have also been developed using this game engine. 

The latest version of Unreal is version 4.25 and was released in May 2020. Like previous versions, the latest was also created with a 3D game in mind, and this is why Unreal is great for 3D titles. It is important to note that it also supports 2d game development. It is also the game engine with one of the best dynamic lightings that will fully immerse you into a virtual gaming world. However, one of its stand out features is that you do not need to have any coding knowledge to create a game using Unreal. This is because Unreal comes with a Blueprint. The Blueprint is a group of tools and features that you can use to create all aspects of the game without having to write a single line of code. This is what makes it so great for beginners.

With all these great features of this engine, it is surprising that Unreal is free. They give you the full game engine package with all features for free. They did this to encourage software and game development in schools. To make money however, they have a fair system. Unreal takes 5% of you total revenue when you ship your game. They take this cut forever. This rule though only applies after you have made game sales worth over $3000, which is a fair deal, but not as fair as Unity.

Key Features

The Unreal is a powerful game engine. It has the following key features.

Supports both 2D and 3D development

Many games today are in 3D. However, for Indie developers, 2D game development is essential. Unreal game engine provides a smooth and great workflow for these game models. Moreover, it is often that, games made with Unreal look really cool. No matter 2D or 3D , all games made with unreal look a class apart.

Unreal uses WYSIWYG editor

It has a ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editor which is very convenient and efficient for game developers since testing during development is made very easy.

It has offline rendering

Offline rendering means that rendering can continue even when there is no internet connection. This is convenient as it protects the developer from losing progress in development. This also creates a requirement to have a powerful PC for game development. You cannot use any home laptop for making games with Unreal.

Supports both programming language and visual scripting

As we know by now, to use a game engine, you have to have some bit of coding knowledge. The problem comes in when you know a language that is not supported by your game engine. Unreal ensures that even if you are not well versed with C++, you can make a game with the visual scripting tool. Blueprint is the name of the visual scripting tool of Unreal and is well documented for new beginners.

UNITY Game Engine

Unity can be said to be the most common game engine in the world. It is so common that half of the world’s developers are using Unity to make their games. Games like Pokemon Go, Rimworld, and Heathstone have all been developed using Unity. One of the main reason why Unity is so famous is that Unity has been free for a long time than Unreal.

Unity was started in Denmark but later moved to San Francisco and now has over five million game developers using it. While Unity is more geared towards developers who can code, it also accommodates beginners who want to use virtual scripting with the tools in the asset store. A beginner can create basic game prototypes easily using Unity. Unity has acquired Bolt, a visual scripting tool, and made it free for Unity users.

Unity has improved vastly in the last few years based on the feedback from the developer community. Unity had received a major boost when unity 5 was released and this was the first free to use version of Unity with all features. Many new developers started using Unity after this and slowly the number grew to millions. Unity as of today is the most used game engine in the world.

If you’re looking to learn Unity, there are more than enough resources offered by the community. Unity is compatible with the following operating systems: Mac OS, Linux, Windows and Android. It supports multiple platforms including mobile phones, desktops, virtual reality (VR), web and TV. Unity’s cloud system allows the developer to get real-time feedback when developing the game.

The key features for Unity game engine include the following.

Key Feature

Supports both 2D and 3D development

Like all the other major game engines Unity supports game development in both 3D and 2D. Unity has special tools for 2D game development, unlike Unreal. Newer game engines work in pseudo 2D where a 3D world is represented in two dimensions, Unity works in actual 2D that is expressed in pixels. This is the reason we say it is tailored especially for 2D game models. They plan on releasing 2.5D support soon.

Better royalty scheme

Like Unreal, Unity is also free to use. But, there is a catch. If you earn more than $100k in a year then you need to switch to the Unity plus version and if you earn more than $200k in a year then you need to buy the pro subscription of Unity. Both Unity plus and pro version provide a lot of analytics data that are required for you to build a gaming business. Both plus and pro versions are very cheap to buy if you are actually making money with your games.

Unity uses Visual Studio

Unity used to come with MonoDevelop which was its main code editor. Monodevelop had its own limitations and many developers prefer Visual Studio over MonoDevelop. The support for MonoDevelop is being removed slowly and Visual Studio will become the main code editor for Unity. The best part about typing code in Unity is you can check the errors in real-time with the Unity editor. Though the same feature is available in Unreal, it’s easier and developer-friendly in Unity.

Unity is a cross platform

Unity supports all major operating systems in the world today. This list includes Windows, Mac and Linux among others. It can also be supported by either 32 or 64-bit machines which makes it every convenient for many. The only problem is that many alternative tools in Unity are tailored with only one OS in mind: Windows. This means that when using another operating system with such tools will cause problems.

Better documentation

Unity is open source and this means that the online community is involved in documentation. With around 100k active users, Unity has one of the best manuals. As time goes, Unity users will continue to grow and the manual will continue to get better and better.

Great for All game platforms

Unity has support for all the types of games you like to make. Be it 2D, 3D or Virtual reality Unity has you covered. Now Unity is slowing adding the feature to create in game cinematic scenes with a tool called timeline. Unity is also developing its own visual scripting tool( now you need to download one from asset store)

Final Verdict: Unity or Unreal

Whether to use the Unity 3d or Unreal Engine really depends on the developer. There are many factors that make both engines advantageous to beginners, but Unity 3D’s extensive asset store is truly more beneficial for them. However, the Unreal engine’s source code access is preferred by a lot of developers as well. All of that said, it should be noted that both engines are always evolving and changing at a rapid pace. This can make it difficult to accurately say which one is better. If you are a beginner, then choosing Unity which is easier and has a less steeper learning curve, is the better choice.

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