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When it comes to game development the platform to which the game will be published matters a lot. Changes in the device can cause a lot of performance issues. That is why you need to define your target platform before starting to make a game. The same is true for hiring game designers. In this post, we will cover the details on how to hire a good mobile game designer and things to look out for.

Major challenges in mobile game design

  1. Screen aspect ratio changes for different mobile devices. You need to make sure the game design is responsive to device aspect ratio.
  2. Controls are mostly touch screens. So, you need to fit your controls along with the UI.
  3. Smaller screens make it difficult to design clear and aesthetically pleasing graphics.
  4. Mobile phones are becoming longer.
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Where to hire mobile game designers?

There are a few options here. You can go for a freelance game developer or an agency depending on your need. If you are looking for complex game design then it’s better to go with agencies. The cost of an agency can sometimes be as high as 10 times the cost of hiring a freelance developer. There are many freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer where you can your designer.

I personally suggest you to go with Fiverr as the options are much higher and the cost is affordable. Fiverr is the only freelance platform where you can browse and contact the developer/designer directly even when you are casually looking.

What to look for when hiring a mobile game developer?

  1. Will the developer design game in both 2D and 3D?
  2. What art style is the designer experienced with and does it suit your requirement?
  3. Things the final delivery will include. Some designers will charge extra for the source code.
  4. Look for reviews by other people.
  5. Try to get a portfolio.
  6. Delivery time. It’s important to take a look at the delivery time the designer promises. If someone promises to deliver a counter-strike size game in 7 days then you should definitely avoid him/her.

Best mobile game designers on Fiverr

Best 2D mobile developers

How much does it cost to hire a mobile game designer?

The cost depends on what your requirements are. Here is an approximate cost for different types of games on Fiverr. The cost includes source code for the game.

Game typeCost
2D mobile game$100-$1500
Pixel art mobile game$200-$800
3D mobile game$300-$3000
UI based game$30-$300

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