Unity Asset Store Launches Exclusive Sale Featuring Free Animation Assets by Kevin Iglesias

Unity developers have a reason to cheer as the Unity Asset Store announces a compelling sale on assets by renowned publisher Kevin Iglesias. In an extraordinary move, the Asset Store is offering a staggering 50% discount on all Kevin Iglesias assets until November 9. But that’s not all—the celebration includes a giveaway where Unity users can get their hands on the “Basic Motions” asset pack at no cost.

Kevin Iglesias Asset Giveaway – Get Your Free Basic Motions Pack

The giveaway is simple and requires no purchase. Users can add the “Basic Motions” pack to their shopping cart and apply the coupon code KEVINIGLESIAS during checkout to download the asset for free. This special offer is designed to give back to the Unity community and provide developers with high-quality resources to elevate their projects.

Inside the Basic Motions Asset Pack

This asset pack is a treasure trove for game developers looking to infuse their humanoid 3D characters with a sense of realism and emotion. The Basic Motions pack includes a comprehensive set of humanoid locomotion animations, emotional expressions, and action sequences that can be retargeted to fit various character models.

What’s Included in the Pack?

  • Idles: Enhance your characters’ natural presence with 2 standing idles, crouch idle, swim idle, and wounded idle animations.
  • Movement: Create dynamic character movements with animations for crouch walking in 8 directions, midair falling, forward rolls, jumps, runs in 8 directions, sprinting in 5 directions, strafing, swimming, and turning—all with root motion and treadmill compatibility for smooth integration.
  • Social Interactions: Socialize your characters with claps, cheers, conversations, hand waves, and reactions to horror or pain.
  • Miscellaneous Actions: Add detailed actions like looting from the floor, opening mechanisms, various sitting postures, and reactions to being stunned or falling, complete with stand-up animations.

This versatile collection, valued at $18, is designed to save developers time and effort in creating animations from scratch, providing them with ready-to-use, high-quality animations for immediate implementation into their games.

Developers are encouraged to take advantage of this limited-time offer to expand their animation libraries and bring their game characters to life. The “Basic Motions” pack stands out as an essential tool for game development, offering a wide range of animations that cover everything from basic idle stances to complex emotional interactions.

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