GDWC 2022 Finalists Announced

The Game Development World Championship 2022 (GDWC) has just wrapped up with a phenomenal record-breaking participation of over 3,600 games submitted from 145 countries. The competition, which recognizes the most outstanding games in 15 different categories, has once again showcased the talent, creativity, and innovation of game developers from all over the world.

The competition was fierce, with the judges facing the difficult task of selecting the winners from the numerous entries submitted. After much deliberation, the most outstanding games were awarded, and we are thrilled to announce the winners of GDWC 2022.

Jury Choice Winners

Indie Category: Space Wreck 

This game is a hardcore role-playing game set in space, 20 years after a major conflict over asteroid mining. Inspired by classic western isometric RPGs such as Fallout and Arcanum, it features post-apocalyptic space exploration and a focus on role-playing, sometimes to the extreme. The game allows players to create their own character and play however they want, distributing points in character creation and making decisions while playing.

However, each character also has their own limitations, and their abilities significantly affect gameplay style. The game offers multiple ways to solve problems, usually tied to the character’s skills and abilities, and your actions and decisions have consequences that matter to the game world. The game also features non-linear gameplay, optional combat, and mature content.

Hobby Category: Seeking Light

Seeking Light is an action-adventure game that focuses on boss fights, played from an isometric perspective. You play as Sunny, a girl who meditates to explore her subconscious world and confront her fears, in order to let go of the pain from her past. The game features tight controls that allow you to dash, attack, and throw objects to defeat your fears.

There are five distinct world zones, each with their own identity and theme, and five unique boss fights. Throughout the game, you collect pages from Sunny’s childhood diary to learn more about her past, and you must solve puzzles and explore her inner mind to progress. The game encourages you to use your environment to fight, such as breaking pillars to obtain broken stones or picking up bombs and jumping platforms to aid you through the levels.

Game Jam Category: The Curse of Tencond

In The Curse of Tencond, players must race against time to break a deadly curse. With each playthrough lasting only 10 seconds, the pressure is on to quickly navigate through treacherous terrain and overcome challenging obstacles.

The ultimate goal is to reach the source of the curse, an evil mage, and put an end to the curse once and for all. With fast-paced gameplay and the constant threat of imminent death, The Curse of Tencond is a thrilling and intense adventure game that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Mobile Category: Roto Force

Roto Force is an action-packed game that puts players in the shoes of the newest recruit of the Roto Force. The game features various dangerous environments, such as deserts, jungles, and sewers, that players must make safer by fighting frantic bosses and dodging their attacks. With simple controls and a pumping Drum ‘n’ Bass soundtrack, players can unlock various weapons that provide different playstyles to overcome enemies.

The game has 9+ stages, 30 mini-bosses, and 10 regular-sized bosses that players must defeat. Roto Force is short and challenging, but with unlimited lives and frequent checkpoints, players can progress at their own pace. The game does not have a story or procedural generation, but it offers generous accessibility options. Roto Force is a small game made with love by a small team.

Houdini Award: Outshine

Outshine is an arcade-style, fast-paced typing game where players must type words to destroy their enemies. As the player takes control of Hue, they must use their special abilities to exact revenge on their opponents. Each world in the game has its own flow, enemies, and bosses, which players must master to progress.

Outshine offers game modifiers that allow players to customize their experience by changing the rules of the game. Players can also compete for a spot on the leaderboard by showing off their typing skills. The game is entirely played with a keyboard, which is fully re-bindable to support different layouts.

Brainwave Award: Road Redemption Mobile

Road Redemption Mobile is an action-packed racing game where players lead their biker gang on a dangerous cross-country journey through a post-apocalyptic world. The objective of the game is to track down and claim a massive bounty on the head of the mysterious assassin who killed the leader of the country’s richest weapons cartel.

Players must fight their way through enemy territories and battle other bikers who are also after the bounty. With brutal driving combat and epic boss battles, Road Redemption Mobile promises to be an exciting adventure for fans of motorcycle games. The game has received high praise from critics and players alike, with many calling it one of the most fun games they’ve ever played.

Xsolla Game of the Year: Lost In Play

Lost in Play is a charming puzzle adventure game that takes players on a nostalgic journey through childhood imagination. Follow the story of a brother and sister duo as they navigate their way through a dreamlike world filled with magic, mystery, and colorful characters.

From escaping a horned beast to helping a team of frogs, players must solve puzzles and engage in mini-games to progress through the game. The game is designed to be family-friendly, with no dialogue and communication done visually. The hand-crafted animation style and inspired design make Lost in Play an engaging and delightful experience for players of all ages.

Student Game Award: SIR LONG LEGS 

In the Graduation Video Game by ISART DIGITAL, players take on the role of the chosen one who, after a night at the pub, finds himself equipped with towering long legs and on a quest to reclaim his rightful throne. The adventure takes players through a series of increasingly challenging obstacles that must be overcome in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Available on PC and Nintendo Switch, the game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and is designed for single-player gameplay.

Fan Choice Winners

Studio Category: Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) 

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) is an immersive first-person single player game that tells the story of the contrasting perspectives on French and Indigenous first encounters. The game takes place in the 17th century Canadian wilderness, where the intertwining journeys of Jeanne, a French King’s Daughter, and Maikan, a young Innu hunter, unfold.

As players explore the unique environments, they will encounter the distinct realities and cultures of Jeanne and Maikan, each with their unique perspective on life. The game’s mechanics, such as detective-like scene inspections, serve the story and draw players deeper into the emotionally charged storyline.

Two Falls is a collaboration with Indigenous creative minds, including the composer, art director, writer, and 3D artists, who all come from various Native communities from Canada. The game features an authentic and original soundtrack created by a talented Indigenous musician and singer, making it an immersive experience that challenges players’ beliefs and values.

Indie Category: Lifespace Traveler

Lifespace Traveler is a cyberpunk action game that takes place in a dystopian world where reality is divided into dimensions called Lifespaces. With no hand-holding or mercy, players must fight their way through the game’s unforgiving world, testing their reflexes and situational awareness in brutal, uncompromising combat.

Each area introduces new types of enemies and obstacles that require specific tactics, forcing players to improvise, adapt, and overcome in order to achieve their goals. The game features an original Synthwave soundtrack, and players can choose to discover the story at their own pace by talking to NPCs or simply engaging in raw action. Please note that the game contains mature content and may not be appropriate for all ages or viewing at work.

Hobby Category: Aces in the Dust

Aces in the Dust is an action-packed rail shooter game set in an alternative world where the discovery of the rare mineral Mitrilia has led to war between nations. You’ll take on the role of elite airmen Varick, Dimitrii, and Victoria, each piloting a unique warplane with its own set of characteristics.

To survive each mission, you’ll need to use quick reflexes and strategic thinking to shoot down enemies, avoid obstacles, and dodge bullets. Inspired by classic games like Panzer Dragoon and Star Fox, Aces in the Dust offers fast-paced gameplay, challenging levels, and the chance to earn high scores by completing missions without taking any damage.

Game Jam Category: Morse Mania

In this game, called “Telegraph,” you must transmit a message using Morse Code as quickly and accurately as possible before time runs out. Easy mode offers hints for each letter, which drop down for you to tap out using your SPACE BAR or mouse button.

The faster and more accurately you complete each message, the more money you earn. The game is inspired by the historical significance of the telegraph, which was developed by Samuel Morse in the 1830s and revolutionized communication by allowing messages to be transmitted almost instantly over long distances via electrical signals. As you progress through the game’s levels, you’ll encounter fun facts and easter eggs related to the telegraph and its impact on society during the Industrial Revolution.

Mobile Category: Light On Light off

Light On Light Off is a challenging puzzle adventure game that will put your skills to the test. Explore the dark and gory world of Light on Light Off and be one of the first to discover its secrets. With numerous missions to complete, a range of characters to unlock and play with, and skills to acquire and upgrade, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

The game features four different worlds, each with ten levels to clear, culminating in the toughest challenge of all. You’ll need to be extra careful in the Deadly Maze, where even the walls are deadly. And in the Dark World, you’ll need to rely solely on your skills to navigate the pitch-black environment. Can you finish the game and discover the surprise that awaits the first player to do so

It is important to note that GDWC is free to join, and there are many prizes to be won. The 2023 Summer Season is currently active and accepting submissions, so don’t miss your chance to showcase your talent and win in one of the many categories.

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