Godot 4.0 releases another beta in just 3 days

Godot has released Beta 12 of Godot 4.0 for its beta users just within three days of releasing beta 11. Godot is inching closer to the game engines like Unity and Unreal. Their main focus on Godot 4.0 is to improve the 3D capabilities of the game engine. If you are a beta user of Godot 4.0 then you can download Beta 12 from their website.

What is Godot?

Godot is an open-source game engine used for creating 2D and 3D games. It is written in C++ and has a built-in scripting language called GDScript, which is similar to Python. Godot is known for its flexibility and ease of use, making it a popular choice among indie game developers. It also supports a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Notables feature changes in this update

The list is based on the blog on Godot website

  • Animation: Split pause() from AnimationPlayer’s stop() (GH-71218).
  • Core: Fix escaping closing brackets in ConfigFile tags (GH-68450).
  • Core: Add SceneTree.unload_current_scene() (GH-71105).
  • Core: Change set_drag_forwarding() to use Callables (GH-71127).
  • Core: Fix Callable call error reporting (GH-71157).
  • Core: Text resource loader fixes (GH-71170).
  • Core: Improve CanvasItem draw_dashed_line() alignment and make it optional (GH-71317).
  • Editor: Automatically reparent editor progress dialog to avoid error spam (GH-71209).
  • Editor: Fix Tab key usage in EditorSpinSlider (and hence inpector) (GH-71271).
  • Editor: Fix the Frame Selection (Shift + F) functionality in the 2D editor (GH-71272).
  • Export: Fix missing “debug”/”release” export presets feature tags (GH-71274).
  • GDScript: Fix getting type from PropertyInfo for Variant arguments (GH-70644).
  • GDScript: Fix extending abstract classes, forbid their construction (GH-70700).
  • GDScript: Fix false name conflicts for unnamed enums (GH-70713).
  • GDScript: Fix some issues with assignments that involve untyped things (GH-70733).
  • GDScript: Fix parse error using Vector{2,3,4}.INF (GH-70899).
  • GDScript: Fix missing conversion for default argument values (GH-70987).
  • GDScript: Fix use of conversion assign for variant values (GH-71192).
  • GDScript: Add default virtual gdscript:// path to GDScript instances (GH-71197).
  • GDScript: Fix temp values being written without proper clear (GH-71228).
  • GDScript: Fix small inconsistencies with resolve_datatype (GH-71253).
  • GUI: Add expand modes to TextureRect (GH-58517).
  • GUI: Fix text search in Tree with multiselect (GH-71042).
  • GUI: Ensure that the cached layout mode is in sync (GH-71183).
  • Import: Add vertex color support to OBJ importer (GH-71033).
  • iOS: Check Xcode output and display errors if code signing, project build or .ipa export failed (GH-71212).
  • Navigation: Add NavigationServer performance monitor (GH-70731).
  • Navigation: Fix for navmesh baking when parsing StaticBody colliders (GH-70904).
  • Navigation: Tweak NavigationAgent2D defaults (GH-71250).
  • OpenXR: Add Pico controller profile (GH-70167).
  • OpenXR: Fix Android loader extension detection (GH-71034).
  • OpenXR: Do not use SRGB swapchains with OpenGL (GH-71224).
  • Physics: Fix sphere-capsule collision logic (GH-70660).
  • Physics: Analytic sphere-box, sphere-cylinder, and capsule-cylinder collisions (GH-70787).
  • Rendering: Only disable depth writing in opaque pipelines (GH-71124).
  • Rendering: Fix multiple issues that make the normal roughness texture unusable (GH-71130).
  • Rendering: OpenGL: Add support for FORMAT_{ETC2,DXT5}_RA_AS_RG (GH-71248).
  • Rendering: Take alpha antialising options into account when setting up materials (GH-71261).
  • Rendering: Only setup depth framebuffer properties when not rendering ReflectionProbes (GH-71303).
  • Visual Shader: Add few improvements for VisualShaderNodeParticleRandomness (GH-71123).
  • Windows: Allow OS.kill() method to terminate non-child processes (GH-71269).
  • Windows/macOS: Avoid color flash on window creation and resizing (GH-71289GH-71295).

Known issues of Godot4.0 beta 12

The beta release seems to have its own share of issues. You can track the issues or get help with them from the GitHub issue tracker.

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