Humble Bundle Launches Massive Open World Asset Bundle for Unreal Engine Developers

Humble Bundle, the popular online platform known for its charitable gaming bundles, has just launched a massive new open world asset bundle for Unreal Engine developers. The bundle, valued at over $2,500, includes a sandbox of open-world assets that will help game developers get their projects up and running at record pace.

For just $1 or more, developers can gain access to a plethora of assets, including 3D models for characters, environments, props, and vehicles, high-quality mocap animation sets, royalty-free music collections, and more. This is an incredible opportunity for developers to acquire valuable assets at a fraction of the cost, with the total value of the software in the bundle being as much as $2,609.

The bundle includes three tiers of content, with the first tier available for a minimum purchase of $1. This tier includes assets such as the Australian Desert Photoscan Collection, various MoCap packs, and multiple music packs. The second tier, available for a minimum purchase of $25, includes additional assets such as the Shopping and Market VOL 1 – Gas Station, Soviet Living Room & Furniture Props, and more. The third tier, available for a minimum purchase of $30, includes premium assets such as the Apocalyptic Hospital, High School Basketball Gym, and the Ultimate Inventory System V1, among others.

Not only does this bundle offer incredible value to developers, but it also supports a good cause. As with all Humble Bundles, purchasers can choose where their money goes, with options to support the developer, a charity of their choice, or leave a Humble Tip to support the platform. This is a fantastic opportunity for developers to acquire high-quality assets for their projects while also giving back to the community.

The Open World Asset Bundle for Unreal Engine is available now on the Humble Bundle website. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get your game project off the ground and support charity at the same time!

For more information, visit Humble Bundle.

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